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Hansen Transmission

Flowmaster 1D CFD system simulation software was used by test and design engineers at Hansen Transmissions to reduce the number of predictive tests they had to perform, to increase the robustness of their wind-turbine gearbox designs, and to decrease time-to-market.

Flowmaster has been a real success at Hansen, it has allowed us to model and understand the complete lubrication network; we now know what is happening internally. It has significantly reduced the testing effort required to design a new system.”

Joris Boeye, Technology Engineer, Hansen Transmissions



Too Many Predictive Tests Slow Time-to-Market Hansen Transmission gearboxes for wind turbines are supplied with an integrated lubrication system critical to the safe and efficient operation of the unit. Qualitative design demands for upfront identification of internal areas which may not be receiving the optimum amount of lubricant. Before introduction of Flowmaster 1D CFD systems simulation software, prediction of oil flow distribution had to be backed up with several expensive testing iterations to ensure optimum operation of the lubricant.



Test Reiterations Reduced with More Robust Designs Flowmaster software was used to model the entire lubrication system. It was deployed in early 2009, and real tangible results were available and validated by the middle of 2010. The visibility offered by Flowmaster gave the engineers an in-depth understanding of how the entire lubrication system behaves and helped to further increase robustness of design solutions, with a considerable reduction in the number of required test runs. The support offered by Flowmaster in the set-up phase with on-site visits and remote support proved to be invaluable in delivering the required value on this project.


Faster Time-to-Market Hansen Transmission engineers are working with Flowmaster software to further increase the robustness of the lubrication system of their wind-turbine gearbox designs and at the same time reduce time-to-market. Flowmaster was rolled out across two more sites with several design and testing engineers trained in the use of the software.

Hansen Transmissions International

Hansen Transmissions International NV is an established global wind turbine gearbox designer, manufacturer and supplier, with a leading position (by MW supplied) in the wind turbine gearbox market. The company supplies gearboxes with a power capacity ranging from 1.5 to 6.15 MW to the world’s major manufacturers of gear‐driven wind turbines. In addition to its principal state‐of‐the‐art manufacturing facilities located in Flanders, Belgium, Hansen has a production plant for wind turbine gearboxes in Coimbatore, India and an assembly and testing plant for the Chinese market, located in Tianjin, China. Founded in 1923 to supply the industrial gearbox market, Hansen has since 1979 increasingly focused on the supply of gearboxes to the growing wind energy generation sector. Strong in‐house R&D operations maintain Hansen’s technological leadership and the company employs 1,390 people worldwide.

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