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Thermal Design Services

Since 1988, companies worldwide have benefited from our thermal design services. When you work with us you leverage over 50 years of collective thermal design experience. We can make your design more efficient, eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly physical models, and reduce costs.

As a full-service organization, we can manage your entire project from initial concept to delivery of a finished solution. Based on your requirements we offer three levels of service, thermal design, thermal modeling and physical model creation.

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Scenarios and Deliverables

Thermal Design

As the client you are tasked with developing a thermal solution for your product but lack either the experience, time, or tools, to address this alone. We work with you to determine the requirements and constraints of your product and degrees of freedom for the thermal solution. Once the goals and design constraints have been established our team can optimize the design and study the sensitivity to the various design inputs and deliver the best design.

Deliverable: a report detailing the model inputs, results output, thermal design specifications, and thermal models.

Thermal Modeling

As the client you are tasked with predicting the thermal performance of your product but lack the time or tools to address this alone. Based on your inputs we construct a thermal analysis model to predict the performance of y our design.

Deliverable: A report detailing the model inputs, results output, recommendations, and thermal model.

Physical Model Creation

As the client you are tasked with developing a thermal model of your product but lack the tools to address this. Based on the mechanical and thermal specifications of your product we develop the appropriate FloTHERM thermal model.

Deliverable: FloTHERM thermal model.

Areas of Expertise

IC Packaging

We have invested over 20 years in developing the techniques and tools required to predict the thermal performance of ICs in virtual test and system environments. We offer detailed analysis of design trade-offs or compact thermal model (CTM) model development including Delphi CTM (JESD15-4). Whether it is a single die leadframe package, high density I/O BGA, SiP, or MCM we offer the required solutions. Customers in this area have included Finisar, Tessera, Simpletech, and Smart Modular.

Consumer Electronics

In addition to the typical cost and IC operating temperature requirements of electronics products, consumer electronics products are typically limited by noise and external case temperature requirements. Optimizing cooling strategies using thermal gap pads, heat sinks, and shielding are things we are very familiar with. Depending on whether the system is handheld, a set-top box, or an eSATA storage device we have the necessary experience to develop the best thermal design to satisfy your requirements. Customers in this area have included Netopia, and Pelco Wireless.

Lighting and LEDs

With the lighting industry shifting towards more energy efficient luminaries, LEDs, High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs and Compact Fluorescent’s are quickly becoming the preferred source of light. Each of these lighting solutions presents their own challenges when it comes to thermal management. Our team of engineers has designed thermal management solutions for a variety of luminaries including integrated heatsinks for consumer based LED lighting, LED backlighting for televisions, and integrated heatsink designs for HID controller modules. Our team prides itself in their ability to design innovative thermal solutions for your products specific operating environment, and has a thorough understanding of the complexities of energy conversion into heat. Our engineers use both simulation and physical testing to create a solution that is capable of cooling your product as efficiently as possible. Customers in this area have included OSRAM, Phillips Lumileds, HID Labs, and Spatial Photonics.

Aerospace and Defense

Products designed to operate in these harsh environments need to leverage all that conduction and radiation have to offer. Many times the PCB needs to be considered in detail that typically isn't practical in a design environment. Our tools and expertise, however, allow us to consider all of the thermal paths in the necessary detail. We can study trade-offs with heat spreaders, thermal gap pad, and thermal via strategies and deliver the required design. Customers in this area have included Canova Engineering, and JA Reinhardt.

Peripheral and Expansion Products

There are pros and cons in developing products that need to work in someone else's system. Typically what is offered is a reference design and a rigorous set of operating requirements. Many customers call on us to help define and develop this design information, sometimes even including an accompanying FloTHERM model. For products that fit into other systems such as PCIe, Mini PCIe, or ExpressCard we can assist you in designing and defining the necessary requirements for your customer. Customers in this area have included Sierra Wireless, Teranetics.

Networking and Telecommunications

Whether the system is a 1U or 2U pizza box or a blade server the thermal design typically hinges on proper airflow management and heatsink design and strategy. We have the tools and experience and efficiently develop a thermal design for the most demanding board layouts and environments. Customers in this area have included Stratalight, Opnext, and Elma Electronics.

Alpha Processors Expands
Their Boundaries

“Mentor’s expertise in thermal design offered us a robust solution enabling us to continue expanding the boundaries…the numerical results gave us faster and more complete design information than could be obtained from numerous physical prototypes building in the laboratory.”

Mike Beale, Alpha Processor Inc.

Pliant’s Portfolio Gets Optimized

“During an aggressive six-month program, Mentor’s Thermal Design Team review eight products in our portfolio and helped us optimize the thermal design strategy for each. All CFD results met our requirements and were validated against available experimental data.”

Anthony Annibale, Pliant Systems

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