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Esperanto for ICs

In Standards & Travels on EE Times, Bruce Swanson reminisces about a trip he took to Europe, long before there were cell phones, a common currency, or even the Internet. Dealing with different languages, different currencies, and different local customs took time, was a bit frustrating, and sometimes led to mistakes (WHERE is this train going?!). His experiences on that trip came to mind recently when he was thinking about the challenges and complexities of accessing, integrating and testing the different parts and pieces of an IC. A proposed IEEE standard (P1687), commonly called the IJTAG standard, provides a general-access test mechanism to the embedded IP within all levels of the design hierarchy. Bruce explains why that’s so important, and even provides a number of links for those who want the gritty details.

IEEE standard, IJTAG, desgin for test, yield analysis, P1687, Silicon Test

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