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IEEE Conference Papers

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Featured Papers


Paper Author Download
ATS 2014
High-Speed Serial Embedded Deterministic Test for SoC Designs Maciej Trawka, Gdansk Univ of Technology, Grzegorz Mrugalski, Nilanjan Mukherjee, Artur Pogiel, Janusz Rajski, Mentor Graphics, Jakub Janicki, Jerzy Tyszer, Poznań University of Technology Download PDF
On-Line Transition-Time Monitoring for Die-to-Die Interconnects in 3D ICs Shi-Yu Huang, Hua-Xuan Li, Zeng-Fu Zeng, National Tsing Hua University, Kun-Han Tsai, and Wu-Tung Cheng, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
Low power Test Compression with Programmable Broadcast-Based Control Sylwester Milewski, Jerzy Tyszer, Poznań, University of Technology, Grzegorz Mrugalski, Janusz Rajski, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
Diagnosing Cell Internal Defects Using Analog Simulation-based Fault Models Huaxing Tang, Brady Benware, Wu-Tung Cheng, Manish Sharma, Friedrich Hapke, Mentor Graphics, Michael Reese, Joseph Caroselli, AMD, Thomas Herrmann, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Robert Tao Download PDF
Testability-Driven Fault Sampling for Deterministic Test Coverage Estimation of Large Designs Kun-Han Tsai, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
ITC 2014
Practical random sampling of potential defects for analog fault simulation Stephen Sunter, Krzysztof Jurga (Mentor), Peter Dingenen, Ronny Vanhooren (ON Semiconductor) Download PDF
Isometric Test Compression with Low Toggling Activity J. Tyszer (Poznan U T), Mark Kassab, Amit Kumar, Elham Moghaddam, Nilanjan Mukherjee, Janusz Rajski (Mentor Graphics), S.M. Reddy (Univ of Iowa) C Wang, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
Fast BIST of I/O Pin AC Specifications and Inter-Chip Delays Stephen Sunter (Mentor Graphics), Saghir Shaikh (Broadcom), Qing Lin (Broadcom) Download PDF
ASMC 2014
DiagBridge: Analyzing Scan Diagnosis Data in a Yield Perspective Yan Pan, Atul Chittora, Kannan Sekar, Shobhit Malik, Lim Seng Keat, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Download PDF
DDECS 2014
Quality Assurance in Memory Built-In Self-Test Tools Albert Au, Artur Pogiel, Janusz Rajski, Piotr Sydow (Mentor Graphics) Jerzy Tyszer, Justyna Zawada (Poznan University) Download PDF
ETS 2014
Cell-aware Experiences in a High-Quality Automotive Test Suite F. Hapke, R. Arnold, M. Beck, M. Baby, S. Straehle, J.F. Goncalves, A. Panait, R. Behr, G. Maugard, A. Prashanthi, J. Schloeffel, W. Redemund, A. Glowatz, A. Fast, J. Rajski Download PDF
On Reducing Test Data Volume by Applying Dynamic Shift under Extremely High Compression Environment X. Lin, M. Kassab, J. Rajski Download PDF
NATW 2014
Identify Faulty Scan Chains for Multiple Fanout Space Compactors Yu Huang, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
Test Compression Improvement with EDT Channel Sharing in SoC Designs Yu Huang, Mark Kassab, Jay Jahangiri, Janusz Rajski, W-T Cheng, Mentor Graphics, Dongkwan Han, Kihye Kim, Kun Young Chung, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Download PDF

IEEE Conference PapersCopyright © 2012

2013 - 2012

Paper Author Download
ETS 2013
A new analog defect simulator, using old techniques Stephen Sunter (Mentor Graphics); Krzysztof Jurga, Bartosz Kaczmarek (Poznan University) Download PDF
Industrial Practice for Diagnosis Driven Yield Analysis (DDYA) Wu Yang, Yu Huang (Mentor Graphics) Download PDF
Cell-aware Production Test Results from a 350nm Automotive Design Friedrich Hapke (Mentor Graphics); Marek Hustava (On Semiconductor) Download PDF
New Test Compression Scheme Based on Low Power BIST Jerzy Tyszer, Michal Filipek (Poznan University of Technology); Grzegorz Mrugalski, Nilanjan Mukherjee, Janusz Rajski (Mentor Graphics) Download PDF
ISTFA 2013
Improving Failure Analysis for Cell-Internal Defects through Cell Aware Technology F. Hapke , Mentor Graphics, Dr. Martin Keim , Mentor Graphics, T. Herrmann , GLOBALFOUNDRIES, T. Heidel , GLOBALFOUNDRIES, M. Reese , AMD, Inc., J. Schloeffel , Mentor Graphics, J. Rivers , AMD, Inc., W. Redemund , Mentor Graphics, A. Over , AMD, Inc., A. Glowatz , Mentor Graphics, A. Fast , Mentor Graphics, Brady Benware , Mentor Graphics, J. Rajski , Mentor Graphics, Download PDF
Leveraging Root Cause Deconvolution Analysis for LogicYield Ramping (reprinted with permission) Dr. Yan Pan , GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Dr. SH Goh , GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Kannan Sekar , GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Mr. Atul Chittora , GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Dr. Guofeng You , GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Avinash Viswanatha , GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Jeffrey Lam , GLOBALFOUNDRIES Download PDF
ITC 2013
Fault Diagnosis of TSV-based Interconnects in 3-D Stacked Designs J. Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology; J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
EDT Bandwidth Management-Practical Scenarios for Large SOC Designs J. Tyszer, J. Janicki, Poznan University of Technology ; W-T. Cheng, Y. Huang, M. Kassab, N. Mukherjee, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics; Y. Dong, G. Giles, Advanced Micro Devices Download PDF
Delay Testing and Characterization of Post-Bond Interposer Wires in 2.5-D ICs S-Y. Huang, L-R. Huang, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan; K-H. Tsai,W-T. Cheng, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
On the Generation of Compact Test Sets A. Kumar, C. Wang, S M. Reddy, University of Iowa; J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
Diagnosis and Layout-aware (DLA) Scan-Chain Stitching J. Ye, UCAS; Y. Huang, W. Cheng, R. Guo, L. Lai, Mentor Graphics; Y. Hu, X. Li, ICT; W. Changchien, D. Lee, S. Eruvathi, K. Kumara, C. Liu, S. Pan, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Download PDF
Design Rule Check on the Clock Gating Logic for Testability and Beyond K-H. Tsai, S. Sheng, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
ASMC 2012
Identifying Systematic Critical Features Using Silicon Diagnosis Data C Schuermyer, Mentor Graphics, S Malik, T Herrmann, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Download PDF
ChipEX 2012
Minimizing Customer Returns by Using User-Defined Fault Models During Manufacturing Test D Macemon, Mentor Graphics Corp. Download PDF
DAC 2012
Poster: Small Delay Testing for TSVs in 3D ICs YH Lin, SY Huang, National Tsing Hua University, KH Tsai, WT Cheng, S. Sunter, Mentor Graphics, YF Chou, DM Kwai, Ind Tech Research Inst Taiwan Download PDFs
Poster: Case Study on Diagnosing Intermittent Scan Chain Hold-time Faults A. Kifli, YW Chen, Faraday Technology Corp, Y. Huang, WT Cheng, D. Hsu, Mentor Graphics
DDECS 2012
A New SAT-based ATPG for Generating Highly Compacted Test Sets S. Eggersgluß, R. Drechsler, Univ of Bremen, R.K.Baath, H. H. Lippstadt, A.Glowatz, F. Hapke, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
ETS 2012
Introduction to the Defect-Oriented Cell-Aware Test Methodology for significant reduction of DPPM rates F. Hapke, J. Schloeffel Mentor Graphics, Hamburg, Germany Download PDFs
Bandwidth-Aware Test Compression Logic for SoC Designs J. Janicki, J. Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology, G. Mrugalski, J Rajski, Mentor Graphics
ITC 2012
Cell-aware Production Test Results from a 32-nm Notebook Processor M. Reese, J. Rivers, A. Over, V. Ravikumar, AMD; F. Hapke, W. Redemund, A. Glowatz, J. Schloeffel, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
Low-Power Programmable PRPG with Enhanced Fault Coverage Gradient J. Tyszer, J. Solecki, Poznan University of Technology; N. Mukherjee, G. Mrugalski, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
Improved Volume Diagnosis Throughput Using Dynamic Design Partitioning X. Fan, S. Reddy, University of Iowa; H. Tang, Y. Huang, W. Cheng, B. Benware, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
A Unified Method for Parametric Fault Characterization of Post-Bond TSVs S-Y. Huang, Y-H. Lin, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan; K-H. Tsai, W-T. Cheng, S. Sunter, Mentor Graphics Download PDF
NATW 2012
Industrial Practices for Silicon Debug of Scan Based Designs Ana Keim Wu Yang Ruifeng Guo Wu-Tung Cheng, Mentor Graphics Download PDFs
Diagnosis Aware Scan Chain Reordering J. Ye, Y. Hu, X Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Y. Huang, WT Cheng, R. Guo, Mentor Graphics
SEMICON China 2012
Enabling Baseline Yield Improvement with Diagnosis Driven Yield Analysis W. Yang, TP Tai, T. Chandilya, Mentor Graphics, C. Hao, D. Carder, Freescale Semiconductor Download PDF
VTS 2012
Test Generator with Preselected Toggling for Low Power Built-In Self-Test Janusz Rajski, Grzegorz Mrugalski, Benoit Nadeau-Dostie Mentor Graphics, Jerzy Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology Download PDF

IEEE Conference PapersCopyright © 2012

2011 - 2010

Paper Author Download
ITC 2011
Low-Power Compression Utilizing Clock Gating E.K. Moghaddam, S.M. Reddy, University of Iowa * J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics Download PDFs
Cell-aware Analysis for Small-Delay Effects and Production Test Results from Different Fault Models F. Hapke, J. Schloeffel, W. Redemund, A. Glowatz, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics * M. Reese, J. Rearick, J. Rivers, AMD
Adaptive Parametric BIST of HighSpeed Parallel I/Os via Standard Boundary Scan S. Sunter, A. Roy, Mentor Graphics
EDT Channel Bandwidth Management in SOC Designs with Pattern-independent Test Access Mechanism J. Tyszer, J. Janicki, Poznan University of Technology; A. Dutta, M. Kassab, G. Mrugalski, N. Mukherjee, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics
A Novel Test Access Mechanism for Failure Diagnosis of Multiple Isolated Identical Cores M. Sharma, A. Dutta, W-T. Cheng, B. Benware, M. Kassab, Mentor Graphics
Deterministic IDDQ Diagnosis Using a Net-Activation-based Model A. Kun, R. Arnold, P. Heinrich, G. Maugard, Infineon Technologies; H. Tang, W. Cheng, Mentor Graphics
ISTFA 2011
Layout-Aware Diagnosis Leads to Efficient and Effective Physical Failure Analysis Manish Sharma, Sergej Schwarz, Juergen Schmerberg, Kathy Yang, Ting-Pu Tai, Mentor Graphics, Yuan-Shih Chen, Cheng-Yiing Chuang, Feng-Ming Kuo, TSMC, Mike Brennan, James Yeh, and Alan Ma, AMD Download PDFs
Device Selection for Failure Analysis of Chain Fails Using Diagnosis Driven Yield Analysis Chris Schuermyer, Brady Benware, Graham Rhodes, Davide Appello,Vincenzo Tancorre, Olivia Riewer, STMicroelectronics
Diagnose Compound Hold Time Faults Caused by Spot Delay Defects at Clock Tree u Huang, Wu-Tung Cheng, Ting-Pu Tai, Liyang Lai, Ruifeng Guo, Mentor Graphics, Feng-Ming Kuo, Yuan-Shih Chen, TSMC
ITC 2010
BIST of I/O Circuit Parameters via Standard Boundary Scan Stephen Sunter, Mentor Graphics, Matthias Tilmann, Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH Download PDFs
Clock Control Architecture and ATPG for Reducing Pattern Count in SoC Designs with Multiple Clock Domains Tom Waayers, Richard Morren, NXP, Xijiang Lin, Mark Kassab, Mentor Graphics
Test Cycle Power Optimization for Scan-based Designs Kun-Han Tsai, Yu Huang, Wu-Tung Cheng, Ting-Pu Tai, Mentor Graphics, Augusli Kifli, Faraday Technology Co.
Dynamic Channel Allocation for Higher EDT Compression in SoC Designs M. Kassab, G. Mrugalski, N. Mukherjee, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics, J. Janicki, J. Tyszer, Pozan University of Technology
Defect-Oriented Cell-Internal Testing F.Hapke, R.Krenz-Baath, A.Glowatz, J.Schloeffel, W.Redemund, M.Wittke, Mentor Graphics, H.Hashempour, S.Eichenberger, NXP Semiconductors
Experiences with Parametric BIST for Production Testing PLLs with Picosecond Precision Rakesh Kinger, Swetha Narasimhawsamy Broadcom Corp., Stephen Sunter, Mentor Graphics
Low Power Compression of Incompatible Test Cube D. Czysz, G. Mrugalski, N. Mukherjee, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics, P. Szczerbicki, J. Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology
Low Capture Power At-Speed Test in EDT Environment Elham Moghaddam, S. M. Reddy, U. Iowa, Janusz Rajski, Xijiang Lin, Nilanjan Mukherjee, Mark Kassab, Mentor Graphics

IEEE Conference PapersCopyright © 2011, 2010

2009 - 2008

Paper Author Download
ATS 2009
At-Speed Scan Test Method for the Timing Optimization and Calibration H Tsai, R Guo, W T Cheng, Mentor Graphics Download PDFs
N-Distinguishing Tests for Enhanced Defect Diagnosis J Rajski, G Chen, Mentor Graphics, S Reddy, Univ of Iowa, I Pomeranz, Purdue
On Improving Diagnostic Test Generation for Scan Chain Failures X Tang, R Guo, W T Cheng, Y Huang, Mentor Graphics, S Reddy, Univ of Iowa
Scan Chain Diagnosis by Adaptive Signal Profiling with Manufacturing ATPG Patterns Y Huang, W T Cheng, R Guo, TP Tai, Mentor Graphics, F M Kuo, Y S Chen, TSMC
Scan Compression Implementation in Industrial Design – Case Study D Hsu, Ralink, R Press, Mentor Graphics
Test Generation with On-Chip Clock Generators X Lin, M Kassab
ETS 2009
Improving Diagnostic Test Generation for Scan Chain Failures Using Multi-Cycle Scan Patterns X Tang, R Guo, W T Cheng, Y Huang, Mentor Graphics, S Reddy, Univ of Iowa Download PDFs
Speed-Path Debug Using At-Speed Scan Test Patterns R Guo, W T Cheng, H Tsai, Mentor Graphics
ITC 2009
Compression Based on Deterministic Vector Clustering of Incompatible Test Cubes G. Mrugalski, N. Mukherjee, J. Rajski D. Czysz, Mentor Graphics, J. Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology Download PDFs
Defect-Oriented Cell-Aware ATPG and Fault Simulation for Industrial Cell Libraries and Designs F.Hapke, R.Krenz-Baath, A.Glowatz, J.Schloeffel, Mentor Graphics, H.Hashempour, S.Eichenberger, C.Hora, D. Adolfsson, NXP Semiconductors
Fault Diagnosis for Embedded Read-Only Memories N. Mukherjee, A. Pogiel, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics, J. Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology
Running scan test on three pins: yes we can! J. Moreau, T. Droniou, P. Lebourg, P. Armagnat, STMicroelelectronics, Reprinted with permission of STMicroelectronics and IEEE
Test Point Insertion Using Functional Flip-Flops to Drive Control Points Joon-Sung Yang, Nur A. Touba, University of Texas, Austin, Benoit Nadeau-Dostie, Mentor Graphics
Testing Bridges to Nowhere - Combining Boundary Scan and Capacitive Sensing Stephen Sunter, Mentor Graphics, Kenneth P. Parker, Agilent Technologies
ITC 2008
Efficiently Performing Yield Enhancements by Identifying Dominant Physical Root Cause from Test Fail Data M Sharma, B Benware, L Ling, D Abercrombie, L Lee, M Keim, H Tang, WT Cheng and TP Tai, Mentor Graphics, YJ Chang, R Lin, UMC, A Man, AMD Download PDFs
High Throughput diagnosis via Compression of Failure Data in Embedded Memory BIST N Mukherjee, J Rajski, Mentor Graphics, A Pogiel, J Tyszer, Pozan University of Technology
Low Power Scan Shift and Capture in the EDT Environment M Kassab, X Lin, G Mrugalski, J Rajski, Mentor Graphics, D Czysz, J Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology
Test Generation for Interconnect Opens X Lin, J Rajski, Mentor Graphics
Detection and Diagnosis of Static Scan Cell Internal Defect R Guo, L Lai, Y Huang, WT Cheng
ISTFA 2008
Timing Failure Debug using Debug-Friendly Scan Patterns and TRE C Burmer, Infineon, R Guo, WT Cheng, X Lin, B Benware, Mentor Graphics Download PDFs
Improving Fault Isolation using Iterative Diagnosis K Gearhardt, LSI, C Schuermyer, R Guo, Mentor Graphics

IEEE Conference PapersCopyright © 2009, 2008

2007 - 2006

Paper Author Download
SemiCon 2007
DFT Approaches Enable Mass Production Test R Press, T Kobayashi, Mentor Graphics View
ITC 2007
Effects of Embedded Decompression and Compaction Architectures on Side-Channel Attack Resistance YChunsheng Liu, Yu Huang View
Diagnose Compound Scan Chain and System Logic Defects Y.Huang, WT Cheng, R.Guo, Mentor Graphics, W.Hsu, YS Chen, TSMC and A.Man, AMD View
Dynamic N-Detect Patterns Based on Equivalent Faults P.Reuter, Y.Huang, Mentor Graphics View
Enhanced Testing of Clock Faults T.McLaurin, R.Slobodnik, ARM, KH Tsai, A.Keim, Mentor Graphics View
Faster Defect Localization in Nanometer Technology based on Defective Cell Diagnosis M.Sharma, WT Cheng, TP Tai, Mentor Graphics, YS Cheng, W.Hsu, TSMC, C.Liu and S.Reddy, University of Iowa, and A.Man, AMD View
Interconnect Open Defect Diagnosis with Minimal Physical Information C.Liu, S.Reddy, Univeristy of Iowa, W.Zou, WT Cheng, M.Sharma, H.Tang, Mentor Graphics View
ATS 2007
Effect of IR-Drop on Path Delay Tsting Using Statistical Analysis C.Liu, Y.Wu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Y.Huang, Mentor Graphics View
Fault Dictionary Based Scan Chain Failure Diagnosis R.Guo, Y.Huang, WT Cheng, Mentor Graphics View
Improving Performance of Effect-Cause Diagnosis with Minimal Memory Overhead C.Liu, S. Reddy, University of Iowa, H.Tang, WT Cheng, W.Zou, Mentor Graphics View
Programmable Logic BIST for At-speed Test Y.Huang, X.Lin, Mentor Graphics View
Test Generation for Timing-Critical Transition Faults X.Lin, M.Kassab, J.Rajski, Mentor Graphics View
VTS 2007
Effects of Embedded Decompression and Compaction Architectures on Side-Channel Attack Resistance C Liu, Univ of Nebraska, Y Huang, Mentor Graphics View
ITC 2006
Analyzing Volume Diagnosis Results with Statistical Learning for Yield Improvement H.Tang, S.Manish, J.Rajski, M.Keim, B.Benware View
Test Smorgasbord: Analog Boundary-Scan Description Language (ABSDL) for Mixed-Signal Board Test B. Suparjo, Mentor Graphics, A. Ley, ASSET InterTech, H. Ehrenberg, GOEPEL Electronics View
Production Test Concerns: A Rapid Yield-Learning Flow Based on Production-Integrated Layoutaware Diagnosis M. Keim, N. Tamarapalli, H. Tang, M. Sharma, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics, C. Schuermyer, B. Benware, LSI Logic View
Quality Issues in Transition-Fault Testing: Improving Transition-Fault Test Pattern Quality Through At-Speed Diagnosis N. Tendolkar, D. Belete, B. Schwarz, B. Podnar, S. Karako, Freescale Semiconductor, A. Gupta, The University of Texas at Austin, W. Cheng, A. Babin, K. Tsai, N. Tamarapalli, G. Aldrich, Mentor Graphics View
Advanced Diagnosis: Combined Electrical and Physical - Timing Defect Diagnosis in Presence of Crosstalk for Nanometer Technology V. Mehta, M. Marek-Sadowska, University of California, Santa Barbara; K-H. Tsai, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics View
Data Compression Methodology and Modeling: X-Press Compactor for 1000x Reduction of Test Data G. Mrugalski, J. Rajski, WT. Cheng, N. Mukherjee, Mentor Graphics; J. Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology View
Compression Diagnostics: Signature-based Diagnosis for Logic BIST M. Sharma, W. Cheng, T. Rinderknecht, L. Lai, C. Hill, Mentor Graphics View
Diagnosis Improvement: Diagnosis with Limited Failure Information Y. Huang, W. Cheng, N. Tamarapalli, J. Rajski, R. Klingenberg, Mentor Graphics View
Test Power Reduction: Preferred Fill: A Scalable Method to Reduce Capture Power for Scanbased Designs X. Lin, J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics; S. Remersaro, S. Reddy, University of Iowa; I. Pomeranz, Purdue University View

IEEE Conference PapersCopyright © 2007, 2006

2005 - 2003

Paper Author Download
ITC 2005
Compressed Pattern Diagnosis For Scan Chain Failures Y.Huang, W-T.Cheng, J.Rajski View
Compression Mode Diagnosis Enables High Volume Volume Monitoring Diagnosis Flow A.Leininger, P.Muhmenthaler, W-T Cheng, N.Tamarapalli, W.Yang, H.Tsai View
Full-Speed Field-Programmable Memory BIST Architecture X.Du, N.Mukherjee, W-T Cheng, S.Reddy View
Chasing Subtle Embedded RAM Defects for Nanometer Technologies T.Powell, A.Kumar, J.Rayhawk, N.Mukherjee View
X-filter: Filtering unknowns from compacted test responses M.Sharma, W-T Cheng View
Built-In Constraint Resolution G.Giles, J.Irby, D.Toneva, K.H.Tsai View
ISTFA 2005
Advanced Scan Diagnosis Based Fault Isolation and Defect Identification for Yield Learning C.Eddleman, N.Tamarapalli, W-T Cheng View
ITSW 2005
Logic BIST Diagnostics Using Simple Synchronised MISR Unload Chris Hill and Thomas Rinderknecht, Mentor Graphics View
Conference Papers 2003
Statistical Diagnosis for Intermittent Scan Chain Hold-Time Fault Yu Huang, Wu-Tung Cheng, Mentor Graphics Corporation, Sudhakar M. Reddy, University of Iowa, Cheng-Ju Hsieh, Yu-Ting Hung, Faraday Technology Corporation View
Convolutional Compaction of Test Responses Janusz Rajski, Chen Wang, Mentor Graphics Corporation, Jerzy Tyszer, Pozan University of Technology, Sudhakar M. Reddy, University of Iowa ECE Department View
Impact of Multiple-Detect Test Patterns on Product Quality Brady Benware, Chris Schuermyer, Sreenevasan Ranganathan, Robert Madge, Prabhu Krishnamurthy LSI Logic Corporation, Nagesh Tamarapalli, Kun-Han Tsai, Janusz Rajski, Mentor Graphics Corporation View

IEEE Conference PapersCopyright © 2005, 2004, 2003

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