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Tessent BoundaryScan

Tessent® BoundaryScan automates adding IEEE 1149.1 standard boundary scan support to ICs of any size or complexity, reducing IC engineering development effort and improving time-to-market.

The boundary scan logic can be accessed throughout the life of the IC, including manufacturing test at all package levels, silicon debug, and system verification. The result is both I/O cell defects and inter-IC board interconnect problems are detected before shipment, reducing field support costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Features and Benefits

  • Ready-to-use library of boundary scan cells, testbenches to automate verification in simulation, short test times, and minimal tester hardware requirements reduce IC development costs.
  • Quick boundary scan integration, automated rule checking with interactive debug, and quick integration into board test programs shorten time-to-market.
  • Detecting IC I/O cell defects and enabling effective testing of inter-IC connections reduce field returns.
  • Comprehensive hierarchical RTL integration and verification flow.
  • Support for user-defined boundary scan cells including those embedded in sub-blocks or cores.
  • Comprehensive contactless testing of I/Os.
  • Support for both the IEEE 1149.1 and 1149.6 standards.
  • Fully plug-and-play compatible with the complete set of the Mentor Graphics Tessent products and capabilities.

Tessent BoundaryScan AC Option

  • IEEE 1149.6 Boundary Scan
  • Generates and integrates RTL code for 1149.6-compliant TAP controller and boundary scan cells.

Tessent Training

We have training courses available for Tessent products in our training centers around the world, online, or at your site. Tessent training courses

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