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Tessent Diagnosis

Tessent® Diagnosis makes failing test cycles valuable. With layout-aware diagnosis technology, the product accurately identifies the location and classification of defects causing Tessent TestKompress® or Tessent FastScan™ pattern to fail manufacturing test.

Tessent Diagnosis uses failure data from manufacturing test, scan test patterns, and design information. With this data, Tessent Diagnosis identifies the location and classification of the defect causing the failure. Detailed analysis of devices that fail manufacturing test has been shown to greatly reduce the failure analysis effort and enables a diagnosis-driven yield analysis flow.

Features and Benefits

  • Accelerates failure analysis through effectively classifying and localizing defects causing manufacturing test failures.
  • Enables a diagnosis-driven yield analysis flow.
  • Accelerates debug of timing-sensitive failures.

Tessent Diagnosis

Tessent Diagnosis quickly identifies the classification and location of defects causing tester failures. This establishes the foundation for diagnosis-driven yield and failure analysis.


Tessent YieldInsight

Tessent YieldInsight provides advanced statistical analysis and data mining facilities that compliment the automated diagnosis capabilities in Tessent Diagnosis. Tessent YieldInsight

Tessent Training

We have training courses available for Tessent products in our training centers around the world, online, or at your site. Tessent training courses

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