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Tessent Scan

Tessent® Scan™ inserts scan test structure into a netlist, delivering design that is completely ready for scan testing and pattern compression.
Tessent Scan generates and adds the most effective scan architecture for your design, ensuring high-quality test with automatic test pattern generation (ATPG). It performs scan flop replacement and stitching, analyzes your circuit for possible test limitations, does test-related design rule checks (DRCs), and automatically corrects errors.

Features and Benefits

  • Works within any tool environment to improve test quality
  • Provides intelligent scan insertion and connection at all levels of design hierarchy
  • Supports Mux-DFF, Clocked-Scan, LSSD, and mixed design styles
  • Performs extensive design rules checking to identify testability trouble spots early in the design cycle
  • Automatically corrects many common testability problems
  • Supports layout-based scan ordering for optimal chain layout.
  • Inserts IEEE 1500-compliant test structures to enable block-based testing strategies for SoC designs.


Tessent Scan facilitates ATPG with TestKompress and FastScan by generating the required input dofile for these tools.

  • Tessent FastScan

    Tessent® FastScan™ is an ATPG solution with a wide range of fault models, comprehensive design rules checks, extensive clocking support, and innovative algorithms for performance-oriented pattern compaction, making it the most versatile ATPG tool available.

  • Tessent TestKompress

    Tessent® TestKompress® is the industry-leading ATPG tool that provides the highest quality scan test with the absolute lowest test cost. TestKompress has an industry-proven ATPG engine that applies effective fault models to the entire logic design. Manufacturing test costs are held in check by an award-winning test pattern compression technique called Embedded Deterministic Test (EDT).

Tessent Training

We have training courses available for Tessent products in our training centers around the world, online, or at your site. Tessent training courses

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