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Tessent SerdesTest

Tessent® SerdesTest provides complete, parametric, embedded test for multi-Gb/s SerDes. It measures waveshape, many types of jitter, and various jitter tolerance parameters, all in less than 200 ms, including test set-up and on-chip comparison to test limits via an IEEE 1149.1 TAP interface.

Tessent SerdesTest uses unlimited time-resolution analysis (ULTRA) patented technology connected to only the SerDes parallel ports and has been proven on customer silicon operating faster than 10 Gb/s. One 10k-gate ULTRA module can test any number of SerDes lanes, and a TAP (or IEEE 1500 WTAP) can interface to any number of ULTRA modules.

Features and Benefits

  • Jitter measurement with sub-picosecond accuracy: Histogram or RMS, HF jitter with golden PLL cut-off, duty cycle distortion, transition-density dependent delay.
  • Waveshape measurement: Slew rate or 20 to 80% transition time and amplitude.
  • Lane performance measurement: Bit errors in all lanes simultaneously, BER in multiple lanes simultaneously.
  • Jitter tolerance parameters measurement: Mean sampling instant, systematic sampling errors in receiver, jitter in recovered clock.
  • Design and test automation: RTL insertion and testbench generation, characterization and production tests, repeatability analysis


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