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Tessent YieldInsight

Significantly reduce cycle time to root cause of yield loss

Tessent® YieldInsight® statistically analyzes diagnosis data to identify and separate systematic yield limiters before any failure analysis is done.

Tessent YieldInsight is specialized for understanding and identifying yield loss from scan test data and makes volume diagnosis results actionable. Using specialized data mining and statistical analysis techniques, the product eliminates noise from diagnosis data to determine the underlying root causes, identify systematic yield limiters, and select the best devices for failure analysis. This dramatically accelerates the time to root cause of yield loss.

Features and Benefits

  • Significantly reduce cycle time to root cause of yield loss.
  • Root cause deconvolution (RCD) technology removes the noise from diagnosis results and determines the underlying root causes
  • Improve device selection for failure analysis, maximize success rate and relevance.
  • Prioritize yield enhancement efforts.
  • Dashboard indicates presence of systematic defects based on statistical test of independence for eight zonal types
  • Drill-down capability to effectively pick die for failure analysis
  • Pareto plot and analyze more than 100 failure and diagnosis signatures
  • DFM-aware yield analysis identifies critical design features contributing to yield loss

Tessent Diagnosis

Tessent YieldInsight identifies the cause of systematic yield loss and provides guidance through the process of selecting die for failure analysis.


Tessent Diagnosis

Tessent YieldInsight provides advanced statistical analysis and data mining facilities that compliment the automated diagnosis capabilities in Tessent Diagnosis. Tessent Diagnosis

Tessent YieldInsight Awards

Vote Tessent YieldInsight for Best in Test

Tessent YieldInsight has been nominated as a "Best in Test Finalist 2011: Semiconductor test". Vote Today

EDN Named Tessent YieldInsight as Hot 100 Product of 2009

Tessent YieldInsight is listed in the recent EDN Hot 100 list. The Mentor Graphics Tessent YieldInsight software is specialized for understanding and identifying semiconductor yield loss from production scan test data. Augmenting traditional methods, this solution reduces the time to root cause by 75–90%. More

Tessent Training

We have training courses available for Tessent products in our training centers around the world, online, or at your site. Tessent training courses

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