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Designing Power Systems

Simulating closed-loop sytems

Simulating Closed-Loop Systems

Power system design requires tools that allow contributions from various groups within a company to be simulated together.

SystemVision is an advanced modeling and simulation platform uniquely suited to power system design. Power system engineers working in diverse applications across a wide range of industries use SystemVision to create and analyze power systems for low and high power applications alike.

The SystemVision tool suite is a virtual lab for designing and analyzing a wide range of power systems, from low power consumer electronics to renewable energy systems such as wind and solar, to high power ship-board power generation and distribution systems. Using SystemVision, power system engineering teams:

  • Model power system behavior and control using industry-standard modeling formats including VHDL-AMS, SPICE, and C/C++
  • Create and test power system virtual prototypes to quantify performance against a model of the target system
  • Design and run power system experiments to validate performance over a broad range of internal and external conditions
  • Create single power converter schematics that drive both simulation and PCB layout

SystemVision supports native modeling and analysis of power system dynamics. With SystemVision conneXion, modeling and analysis can be distributed among multiple vendor tools and processes, but connected in a single, coordinated simulation environment.

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