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Mechatronic System Design

Successive Verification

Successive Verification

Combine math-based analysis with both analog and digital circuit simulation, without using choice-limiting proprietary formats.

SystemVision is an advanced modeling and simulation platform tuned specifically for mechatronic system design. Engineering teams across multiple industries and applications use the advanced virtual prototyping capability in SystemVision to build accurate mechatronic system models and verify system performance.

The SystemVision tool suite is a virtual lab for designing and analyzing digital and mixed-signal systems; thermal, mechanical, and hydraulic systems; continuous and sampled-data systems; or any combination of these and other mechatronic system technologies.

Using SystemVision, engineering teams:

  • Validate mechatronic system specifications and requirements prior to detailed design
  • Determine mechatronic system sensitivities to changes in design and environment parameters
  • Design and run mechatronic system experiments to quantify performance over a broad range of internal and external conditions
  • Develop and validate mechatronic system test procedures before hardware prototypes are available

SystemVision supports native modeling and analysis of mechatronic system dynamics. With SystemVision conneXion, modeling and analysis can be distributed among multiple vendor tools and processes, but connected in a single, coordinated simulation environment.

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