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Motor, Drive, and Control Systems Modeling and Design Analysis

Create, Simulate, and Analyze

System complexities demand development tools capable of supporting models from multiple domains, including the flexibility to seamlessly integrate the efforts of multiple design teams.

SystemVision supports a broad range of modeling and analysis options, ranging from high-level system architecture definition to detailed component-level design and analysis. This multi-level modeling and analysis capability applies across all SystemVision supported domains, including the electrical, mechanical, and control algorithms/software required for motor and drive system design.

Prototype In a Single Environment

Use the SystemVision virtual prototyping environment to design, integrate, simulate, and analyze motors, drive circuits, and control systems, including analog, digital, and power electronics; algorithms; magnetics; mechanical dynamics; thermal effects; and software control…the full system…all in a single environment.

  • Create a model of your system, including electronics, mechanical/multi-physics components, and embedded software
  • Simulate complex interactions at domain boundaries in a virtual lab environment
  • Analyze to understand/optimize design, throughout the design process

Use FEA-generated motor models to analyze complex machine dynamics and identify adverse interactions with the power and signal-conditioning circuits. Mentor Graphics works with industry-leading partners to provide high accuracy motor model implementation into SystemVision.

Typical Applications

  • Traction Systems/Electric Vehicles
  • Motion Control Systems
  • Industrial/HVAC/Appliances
  • Power Generation/Wind Energy
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