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Using Simulation as a Test Development Platform


Link Simulation to LabVIEW

Move test development ahead in your design cycle. Use virtual prototypes as a test development platform.

Moving test development ahead in the design cycle can provide significant improvement in time-to-market, quality, cost, and time-to-certification.

SystemVision conneXion + LabVIEW = the ability to develop and validate tests before hardware is built. SystemVision allows models of the hardware and the surrounding environment to execute while LabVIEW runs tests against the system. The same LabVIEW tests can then be run against the actual hardware after fabrication.

  • Develop and execute system tests earlier in the design cycle, before hardware is available
  • Reduce overall development schedule while improving product quality
  • Enhance test continuity across the development and fabrication process

What does this mean to you? Test engineers gain early access to the virtual hardware, enabling test checkout and debug before the critical path point when hardware is finally available. Designers gain an independently created set of system validation tests with feedback in time to fix bugs before the hardware is built. And once the first article is available, both have confidence that when tests indicate a failure, it’s not just a test bug.

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