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IESF is Coming...

Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen

Posted Feb 18, 2010

The next installment of Mentor Graphics’ Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF) is scheduled for March 18 in Detroit, Michigan. We usually do two or three of these events each year in different cities around the United States. Topics vary a bit, depending on the location. Each event is chock-full of technical sessions.

The March 18 event focuses on automotive design and highlights development solutions for automotive systems. Despite a sluggish automotive market, car manufacturers continue to invest in design technology to help them develop complex systems. No surprise. You need only watch TV to see some of the cool cars on the market — cars based on 2 or 3 year old technology (takes about that long to get a new car from an idea on a computer screen to the showroom floor). As automotive technology advances, so does the need for advanced design tools in order to bring the new technologies to life. IESF events are perfect showcases for learning how Mentor Graphics’ industry leading engineering tools help solve real world design problems.

Here are just a few of the topics scheduled for IESF in Detroit:

  • Integrating electro-mechanical and control software
  • Rules-driven electrical design
  • Optimizing subsystem thermal characteristics
  • Mechatronics design and simulation
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Electric and hybrid vehicle design
  • Wire harness engineering

We also have several industry experts queued-up to share their insights and expertise on key automotive industry topics:

  • John Antilla, operations program manager for systems and components at Chrysler. John will talk about the challenges of automotive electrical complexity from the OEM perspective.
  • Dr. Guenter Reichart, guest scientist and lecturer at the Munich University of Applied Science, and one of the initiators and founders of AUTOSAR. Dr. Reichart will talk about the present and future challenges of adopting  and implementing the AUTOSAR standard.
  • Paul Hansen of the Hansen Report. Paul will share his insights on the latest trends in the global automotive electronics industry.
  • Ron M. Wadood, wiring diagrams and electrical systems manager for Chrysler’s dealer technical operations. Ron will address the challenges of delivering up-to-date wiring information to dealers, and present a live demonstration of how the industry’s first dynamic wiring update system works.
  • Ian Wright, co-founder of Tesla motors and founder of Wrightspeed, which builds range-extended electric vehicle drive systems for high fuel consumption vehicles. Ian will talk about how continuing advances in electric drive technology shifts transportation away from total dependence on oil.

So if you plan to be in the Detroit area on March 18, or if you live outside of The Motor City but need to find solutions for your automotive system designs, why not join us at IESF? Click here for more information about the March 18 event, and click here for a detailed event agenda and registration information. Register now and we’ll save a seat for you…

IESF, Mechatronics, Rules-Driven Design

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Mike JensenMost career paths rooted in high technology take many interesting (and often rewarding) twists and turns. Mine has certainly done just that. After graduating in electrical engineering from the University of Utah (go Utes!), I set off to explore the exciting, multi-faceted high tech industry. My career path since has wound its way from aircraft systems engineering for the United States Air Force, to over two decades in applications engineering and technical marketing for leading design automation software companies, working exclusively with mechatronic system modeling and analysis tools. Along the way, I’ve worked with customers in a broad range of industries and technologies including transportation, communications, automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, computers, and consumer electronics; all-in-all a very interesting, rewarding, and challenging ride. In my current gig, I work on technical marketing projects for Mentor Graphics' SystemVision product line. And in my spare time I dream up gadgets and gizmos, some even big enough to qualify as systems, that I hope someday to build -- providing I can find yet a little more of that increasingly elusive spare time. Visit Mike Jensen's Blog

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