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SystemVision 5.10.3

Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen

Posted May 31, 2014

It is official: SystemVision 5.10.3 is released and ready for download from SupportNet. The SystemVision engineering team made over 120 updates and improvements for this new release. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Relative and Absolute statistical tolerances support improved flexibility when defining device parameter tolerancing. “Relative” defines a tolerance as a percentage of the default value; “Absolute” defines a tolerance as a fixed delta from the default.
  • Asymmetric VHDL-AMS statistical distributions give you more flexibility when setting designs for a Monte Carlo (statistical) analysis. Asymmetric distributions can be applied to a model’s internal or external parameters, can be coupled with symmetric or asymmetric tolerances, and now work for SystemVision’s Sensitivity, Worst Case, and Extreme Value analyses.
  • Model Wizard is renamed as “Model and Symbol Wizard” to reflect new support for generating simulation models and schematic symbols from existing design schematics. The wizard is now SystemVision’s consolidated, central location for creating models and symbols for your simulations.
  • Experiment Manager is re-released after key improvements to help you setup, run, and manage simulation experiments for your designs.
  • New datasheet-based models add flexibility and more detail to your system analyses. Several standard datasheet models expand the Datasheet Model Builder’s capabilities. And the first additions to SystemVision’s new advanced datasheet model library support important device effects such as aging, high temperature, and low temperature.
  • 64-bit waveform analyzer and configurable analyzer memory allocation let you run longer/larger simulations (think a Monte Carlo analysis of several thousand runs for a complex system), and easily work with larger simulation databases.
  • Shared Library updates make it easier to include your custom libraries in a new or existing project, and to access your custom libraries from SystemVision’s Search/Place Symbols browser.

And SystemVision 5.10.3 includes a sneak peek at two new productivity tools:

  • Worst Case Scenario Manager uses the advance datasheet models (mentioned above) to help you setup and run multiple worst case simulation scenarios. The result is a detailed view of your system’s worst case performance as components change due to aging and temperature effects.
  • Batch Simulation Tool lets you setup multiple simulation and analysis tasks that can run while you work on other projects, or while you are away from the office. Along with running batch simulations, you can easily compare new simulation results with those from an earlier analysis – a handy feature if you are updating simulation tools, tweaking model behavior, etc. And you can tell the tool to send you an email when a batch simulation starts and ends.

The Worst Case Scenario Manager and Batch Simulation Tool are beta features for this release. Read the release notes for more information on accessing SystemVision’s beta features.

If you are already a SystemVision user, download the new release and run the install program. Then be sure to review the release notes for more release details. And if you are new to SystemVision and want to take a closer look, contact your local Mentor Graphics sales and support team, or add a comment to this blog post and I will get back to you.

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