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Posts tagged with 'ieee 1076'

17 Sep, 2010

What's the "AMS" in VHDL-AMS?

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen I could quickly answer the question posed in this post’s title with four words: Analog and Mixed-Signal. But as with most concepts worth understanding, especially in the engineering world, you need to dig a little deeper to understand some of the finer details, and maybe the larger significance. First, a quick history lesson. IEEE Standard 1076 defined a standard language for logic modeling, which … Read More

IEEE 1076.1, Mechatronic, ieee 1076, Mixed-Signal

26 May, 2010

VHDL-AMS Revisited

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen New features get most of the publicity in a new software release…and well they should. Application software is a competitive business, and feature differentiation is often the only metric new customers use to select one program over another. And new features help software companies build increased loyalty among existing users. I imagine it’s no surprise to anyone that keeping an existing customer is … Read More

IEEE 1076.1, Mechatronic, ieee 1076, physics


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