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System Modeling Blog

Posts tagged with 'Mechatronic'

28 Jan, 2010

Mastering Design Abstraction

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen It still happens, even today. The SystemVision team is invited to visit with a customer. After brief introductions, we sit down to discuss their specific mechatronic system design challenges. And then it happens…out comes a detailed schematic that accounts for every component in the system. Naturally, there is nothing wrong with detailed level schematics. At some point, every mechatronic system development … Read More

Mechatronic, Multi-Level Design

13 Jan, 2010

The Joy of Disassembly

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen Ever wondered what makes a good systems engineer? You know, the engineer who has an uncanny knack for understanding how the elements of a system work together to create the whole? I believe I now know one of the secrets, discovered during a recent trip to Mentor Graphics headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon. After a long day of discussions, a few SystemVision team members gathered at a local eatery for … Read More



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