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Posts tagged with 'physics'

6 Jun, 2012

Veyron Physics

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen The Bugatti Veyron occupies a unique spot among dealer showroom trophy cars: the fastest production automobile in the world. With a top speed of 254 miles per hour (406 kilometers per hour), the Veyron sits atop the supercar heap, chewing up asphalt at a brisk pace just under 4.3 miles per minute (over 6.7 kilometers per minute). If a Veyron graced my humble two-car garage, I could theoretically travel … Read More

IEEE 1076.1, physics

3 May, 2012

Rooster Tail Engineering

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen It is not uncommon for the extraordinary to quickly become the ordinary. Consider cell phones, tablet computers (or just computers in general), hybrid cars, heart transplants, drone aircraft, digital cameras,, Facebook…the list is long and varied. Most of these are considered “ordinary” by today’s standards, but each was little more than an idea in someone’s … Read More

physics, engineering

28 Feb, 2011


Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen A key part of many engineering projects is figuring out how nature works, and then using that knowledge to design useful things. I suppose that’s why physics is a common and required course of study in most university level engineering programs: physics helps us quantify how nature works, then we apply our specific engineering skills to complement or compensate for natural laws.  So with a new personal … Read More


26 May, 2010

VHDL-AMS Revisited

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen New features get most of the publicity in a new software release…and well they should. Application software is a competitive business, and feature differentiation is often the only metric new customers use to select one program over another. And new features help software companies build increased loyalty among existing users. I imagine it’s no surprise to anyone that keeping an existing customer is … Read More

IEEE 1076.1, Mechatronic, ieee 1076, physics

5 May, 2010

Atomic Glue

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen Being an electrical engineer, occasionally I like to review the fundamentals of electricity. Kind of fun to see what I remember, but even more important, to see what additional insight a few years of experience might bring to how I view basic engineering facts. I consistently have “Aha!” moments where something I learned many years ago comes into focus, or with more seasoned understanding I know to … Read More

strong nuclear force, physics


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