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Posts tagged with 'SPICE'

21 Jan, 2014

SystemVision Model Wizard

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen I wrote a month or so ago about the challenge of finding — or creating — simulation models. In that post, I suggested there are three general categories of engineers looking for a model: Give me a model Help me understand the model Help me develop a model For the “help me develop a model” category, I mentioned Graphical Modeling and Language-based Modeling as two popular model … Read More

modeling tools, Modeling, SPICE

10 Dec, 2013

Modeling: An Engineer's Dilemma

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen Many of my recent interactions with customers have been on a single theme: modeling. Simulation is a great tool, but only if you have models that tell the simulator what to do. Models vary in type and complexity, but they all share a common purpose: to tell you something about how a device or system works, often in a specific application or under specific operating conditions. But there is a gap, an … Read More

SPICE, Modeling

19 Oct, 2010

VHDL-AMS Black Belt

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen I like martial arts films, from the old black and white movies dubbed in English or even subtitled, to the modern blockbusters with their almost endless array of special effects. I admit that I can’t really tell the different martial art styles apart, but frankly I don’t need to. Being able to distinguish styles wouldn’t add to my enjoyment of the films. What I do enjoy is watching a skilled expert (even … Read More


27 Aug, 2010

What's in a SPICE Model?

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen Working with customers is one of the great pleasures of my job. Whether in a meeting or at a tradeshow, it’s always fun to chat with engineers to see how they use simulation in their design flows – and maybe use the opportunity to discuss how SystemVision might help their design processes. Among my favorite interactions with customers, however, is teaching simulation and modeling training classes. Mentor … Read More


29 Jun, 2010

Are You a Flexible Thinker?

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen School is out. Has been for a few weeks. And the end of every school year brings the usual rush of awards assemblies, especially in junior high and elementary schools. This year was no different. But let me first give you a little background into why we found this year’s awards assembly a little…well…strange. I am the designated math tutor in my house. Yet another benefit – or perhaps implied responsibility … Read More

SPICE, Mechatronic

12 Feb, 2010

System Level HDL-topia

Posted by Mike Jensen

Mike Jensen I remember my early days in the EDA industry. SPICE was little more than a teenager (I suppose this dates me a bit). I had recently finished a 5-year stint working for the United States Air Force and had just joined a young company as an Applications Engineer to help promote the features and benefits of system design using Hardware Description Languages (HDLs). Though HDL use for semiconductor design … Read More

SPICE, HDL, IEEE 1076.1, Multi-Level Design, Mechatronic, Mixed-Signal


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