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Modeling Transportation Systems

To contend with the rapid growth of electronic content in transportation systems, manufacturers must manage complexity, employ more automation in design processes, and achieve faster, more reliable system and component design. Automation and verification of hardware, software, and mechatronic systems must go beyond mere electronic control unit (ECU) design automation and focus on interactions between hardware, software, and the network connecting the platform components and systems.

An additional side effect of increasing complexity is the growing reliance on software to support differentiating product features. Improved automation is also needed in the design of electrical, electronic, and embedded software components, which require a stable and reliable software development environment for modeling, simulation, verification, and testing of software interfaced to actual hardware.


SystemVision is a full-featured mechatronic system design and analysis tool suite. Created as a solution for a wide range of applications requiring coordination across the software, electronic, and mechanical domains, SystemVision is an ideal solution for vehicle design. After all, every automobile, truck, and tractor is actually a system of interacting components, large and small.

The SystemVision modeling environment addresses the functional, architectural, and implementation levels of the vehicle design process, accounting for every aspect of the underlying system design.

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