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Executable Testbench Design in xtUML



Complex xtUML models often contain many features that can be assembled from a set of simpler modes and behaviors. For these models, the xtUML process recommends that each mode or behavior be implemented using a short analysis, design, and test cycle. The products of these micro-cycles are then incrementally merged to form the more complex model. An important benefit of this approach is the marked improvement in model quality due to the repeated validation that is performed as new functionality is added. Yet for this approach to be productive, a test environment that is easily extended and supports sequence reuse is essential. This topic explores testbench structures that support these goals and demonstrate their value.

What You Will Learn

  • The xtUML process and the "Test Early - Test Often" philosophy
  • How to construct a reusable testbench
  • How to create a reusable test pattern
  • How to execute multiple tests with test sequencers
  • Hot to add a results checker
  • How to execute a batch of tests using the Verifier command line interface  

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Cortland Starrett

Cortland Starrett is the Engineering Manager of the BridgePoint xtUML product line, leading development of executable UML modeling and translation technology at Mentor Graphics. He is responsible for the production of tools and methods for translating xtUML models into source code such as C, SystemC, Java, and VHDL.

Before coming to Mentor Graphics, Starrett previously served on engineering staffs at Pitney Bowes and IBM. Cort is an inventor, holding several patents, and author of many published technical papers. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue in 1988.

Who Should View

  • Systems Engineers
  • SW Engineers/SW Architects
  • HW/Electrical Design Engineers
  • Systems Designers
  • Projects Managers for Systems Projects  

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