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Improving Complex System Design Reliability and Robustness


On-demand Web Seminar: Learn how using model-based design can produce order-of-magnitude improvements in productivity and quality and help ensure the reliability and robustness of your next system design.  39:22

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Tackling Your Mechatronic System Design Challenges


Technology Overview: This session presents an innovative mechatronic system integration capability featuring SystemVision. You will learn how SystemVision uses standards-based modeling, and advanced simulation and analysis... 30:31

Tags: Electrical System Design, IESF, Mechatronics, Mixed-Signal, Virtual system integration

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Facing the 'More Electric' Design Challenge with 'More Integrated' Modeling Capability Design


Technology Overview: This session will demonstrate standards-based modeling format and tool integration technology that supports multi-disciplinary design team collaboration as they apply to power generation and distribution... 32:29

Tags: IESF, Mil-Aero

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Addressing Aircraft System Development Disconnects


Technology Overview: System design is, by nature, a process of decomposition, starting from specifications and resulting in a detailed, multi-discipline design. Systems failures are often the result of disconnects in the process.... 31:35

Tags: Aerospace, Mixed-Signal, multi-physics

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Combining FEA-based Generator Modeling & Multi-Discipline System Simulation for Wind Power Design & Analysis


On-demand Web Seminar: This seminar presents an effective modeling and simulation tool-flow for Wind Power system design, which leverages Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Brushless DC and Doubly Fed Induction generators, and... 56:17

Tags: Wind Power Design

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Verifying Multi-discipline Motors, Drives, and Controls Systems


On-demand Web Seminar: Examine effective methods to develop and test complex, integrated systems – consisting of motors, electronics, and control software. 56:31

Tags: Mixed-Signal, multi-physics

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Automotive Electrical System Analysis Driven by EDS Tools


Technology Overview: Learn why a direct path from the comprehensive physical implementation data in Capital, to the powerful simulation and analysis capabilities of SystemVision, methodology can provide valuable insights into... 29:49

Tags: IESF

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System Modeling, Simulation & Analysis - A methodology to develop a reliable system


On-demand Web Seminar: Today’s cross-discipline systems require a highly coordinated development flow and design teams and tool environments must now interact in a multi-discipline, concurrent engineering design process... 17:27

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Integrating FEA-based Motor Modeling and Multidiscipline System Simulation for EV/HEV Powertrain Design


Technology Overview: Learn how using Infolytica’s MotorSolve tool, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods can be leveraged for sizing and performance envelope calculations. This applies to both Brushless DC and Induction... 37:11

Tags: IESF, Mechatronics

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Leveraging Your Test Environment without Waiting for Hardware


Technology Overview: Creating a test program for your system is a challenging task with complex interactions that cross multiple design domains (electrical, mechanical, software, control, etc). This is even more difficult when... 11:01

Tags: LabVIEW

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Improving Medical System Design using a Multi-Discipline Development Environment


On-demand Web Seminar: This Web seminar describes a top-down, multi-discipline, model-driven development (MDD) flow that allows system models to be built at any level of abstraction. 24:59

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EE Design Automation/Integration Strategy for Robust Design


Technology Overview: This presentation describes an integrated Design Automation tool flow that can be effectively applied to Power Electronics Systems, such as those found in the latest electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. 21:37

Tags: IESF

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