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Power System Integration with SystemVision



During this webinar you will learn techniques in power-system design that enable engineers from multiple disciplines to communicate, simulate, and optimize designs for first-pass success.

Successful power delivery-system design can be the difference between a fully functioning, on-time project, and a product that gets to market late, with intermittent field failures due to lack of proper system-level integration. With more power subsystems “going digital,” the ability to simulate digital and/or software control subsystems with the overall system design is more critical today than ever.

In this presentation, two sample systems will be used to emphasize critical system integration techniques for power system design and analysis.

A DC-DC Buck converter design:

  • AC analysis and loop stabilization using state-averaged model
  • Switching, line and load transients analysis
  • Stress modeling and fault insertion

Half-bridge converter design:

  • Transformer modeling (reluctance-based modeling approaches)
  • Loop compensation (analog, discrete, C code)
  • PWM design (behavioral, uc1825, FPGA)

What You Will Learn

  • Techniques in power-system design that enable engineers from multiple disciplines to communicate, simulate, and optimize designs for first-pass success

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Scott Cooper

R. Scott Cooper has been developing simulation models for more than two decades. The author of "The Designers' Guide to Analog & Mixed-Signal Modeling," Scott has worked in the aerospace industry and currently in the EDA industry, developing modeling and simulation techniques that benefit multiple industries.

Who Should View

  • System-design engineers
  • Engineers and managers involved in power-delivery system design
  • Engineers and managers involved in mechatronic system design - particularly in rapid prototyping environments where return on tool investment is critical

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