Automotive Electrical Systems

SystemVision™ addresses Automotive Electrical Systems technology challenges including:

  • Increased Vehicle Mechatronic Content
    • Dynamic (non-electrical) Loads
    • Thermal in-rush effects
    • Motor Controls
    • Electro-magnetic Sensors and Actuators
  • Dual Voltage System Architecture Design
    • Dynamic Load analysis
    • DC/DC converter design
    • Alternator/Regulator design
  • Functional Design and Analysis
    • Sneak Circuit Detection
    • Digital Control strategies
  • Communication Systems
    • CAN Bus
    • Flexray

Using SystemVision, the system designer can graphically assemble these devices together into a "virtual prototype" and use simulation to perform the critical analyses needed to help ensure a successful automotive electrical system design, including:

  • Optimize wire and fuse sizing using dynamic load analysis
  • Design and analyze dual voltage systems using multi-level modeling techniques
  • Perform Sneak Circuit Analysis by utilizing built-in model diagnostics
  • Design complete charging systems including alternator and regulator designs
  • Analyze thermal effects like in-rush current in complex lighting and fusing systems
  • Design control strategies and test sequences with digital modeling capabilities
  • Analyze multiplex bus systems like CANBUS, Flexray, and others

Learn more about SystemVision for Automotive Electrical Systems by viewing a demonstration of "Dynamic Load Analysis" and "The Fundamentals of VHDL-AMS for Automotive Electrical Systems Modeling" (including labs)

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