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AUTOSAR Products

The industry’s most comprehensive integrated AUTOSAR design environment, the VSx vehicle systems design toolset is an integrated suite of tools that enable AUTOSAR-based vehicle system and embedded software design, including E/E architectural design, application software development, virtual validation, and software test. These tools improve time-to-market and deliver cost advantages by enabling the use of standard interfaces and components based on the AUTOSAR specifications.

AUTOSAR Products

Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect (VSA)

Volcano Vehicle System Architect (VSA) is a systems design tool for AUTOSAR-based systems. It enables engineers to design automotive SW and HW architectures and to manage the relationships between the two.... View Product Overview

Volcano VSA COM Designer

VSA COM Designer supports network design of AUTOSAR-based ECUs; it also supports standard CAN/ LIN implementations, such as those using Volcano VTP. Additionally, systems containing both AUTOSAR BSW and... View Product Overview

Volcano Vehicle System Integrator (VSI)

VSI is a software validation environment that behaves like an integrated system made up of hardware elements such as ECUs, buses, sensors, actuators, etc. It enables early validation of software functionality... View Product Overview

Volcano™ VSTAR

Volcano VSTAR AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) stack provides a fully AUTOSAR 4.0 compliant and scalable middleware for ECU design which abstracts the application from the HW-dependent layer. It is supported... View Product Overview

Volcano AUTOSAR Features

Model Driven Design

VSx products are focused on the model-driven design process, an approach that enables customers to reduce their reliance on downstream validation and physical prototyping. This provides companies significant cost savings in the development process as significant decisions and verification tasks are moved to the front end of the design process.

Built Upon Eclipse

The VSx tool chain covers automotive SW and electronic systems design, virtual verification, testing, and configuration. All VSx tools are built upon the Eclipse framework, and thus, are part of a modular and open framework for development tools.

Eclipse Framework

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