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Volcano VSTAR

Volcano™ VSTAR AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) stack provides a fully AUTOSAR 4.0 compliant and scalable middleware for ECU design which abstracts the application from the HW-dependent layer. It is supported by a complete top-down development tool suite.

VSx Tool Suite

Part of the Volcano VSx integrated tool suite for top-down vehicle system and ECU design, VSTAR is delivered as fully verified libraries together with MCAL modules, streamlining integration efforts.

VSTAR ports to the most popular microcontroller devices and integrations with OEM-specific compatibility modules.

VSTAR includes:

  • Operating system
  • Run-time environment (RTE) Generator
  • Modules for mode management
  • Modules for memory management, diagnostic and communication services
  • I/O hardware abstraction firmware
  • Optional communication stacks for LIN, CAN and FlexRay

Features and Benefits

  • AUTOSAR operating system supports all scalability classes
  • Pre-build and verified libraries
  • Link-time and post-build configuration variants
  • Scalable for small footprint
  • Usable for body, chassis, and powertrain domains
  • Communication stacks for CAN, LIN, and FlexRay
  • Profiling option for execution of time-critical applications
  • Integration with target Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL)
  • Integration with OEM/Tier 1-specific BSW modules or Complex Device Drivers
  • Supported by the Volcano VSB configuration tool, which is part of the Eclipse-based VSx tool platform


The Mentor Graphics AUTOSAR Operating System is based upon the OSEK/VDX standard and supports all conformance classes and scalability (class 1 to 4).

The OS is part of the AUTOSAR system services and provides features such as OSEK OS, counter interface, schedule tables, stack monitoring, protection hooks, timing protection, global time/synchronization support, and memory protection.

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