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Volcano In-Vehicle Embedded Software

The Volcano In-Vehicle Embedded Software supplies very high quality code based on industry-standard development processes, such as SPICE.

In-Vehicle Software Features

The Volcano In-Vehicle SW Solution

Five product offerings:

  • Volcano Target Package (CAN & LIN)
  • SW Download Bootloader (ISO 14229)
  • Network Management (OSEK & others)
    • The Network Management modules provide basic functionality, such as boot-up/shut-down of network communication, handling of communication failures, and configuration checks. Modules include OSEK-NM and VCC-NM
  • Transport Layer (ISO 15765-2)
    • The Transport Layer software component module assembles/disassembles large messages. It conforms to the ISO 15765-2 specification.
  • Diagnostics (ISO 14229 or 14230)
    • The Diagnostic Services layer software component conforms to ISO 14229-1 or 14230.

In-Vehicle Design Flow

Flexibility in Reconfiguring

Unlike traditional products, with require the user to send changes in signal-to-frame mapping back to the ECU supplier for implementation, Volcano in-vehicle software tools provide flexibility in reconfiguring the network.

Volcano In-Vehicle Software offers:

  • a signals-oriented API that simplifies application development
  • predictable behavior that reduces amount of required testing
  • post-compile time reconfiguration independent of changes in the network architecture and design
  • minimization of CPU usage, which lowers costs
  • optimized object code, which provides best resource usage resulting in immediate cost savings
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