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Connected Engineering™ for the Military and Aerospace Industry

Mentor Graphics offers unsurpassed tools and design methodologies to serve the unique needs of military and aerospace design teams.

Connected Engineering

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Mentor’s solutions help our aerospace and military customers deliver innovative products at less cost and in less time by automating their electrical system design work and reducing their risk of encountering problems during system integration. Equally important, safety issues for any type of in-flight application cannot be restricted by “trade-offs” in design. Consequently, our solutions also help you meet your strict safety and reliability requirements for your end products.

Model-Driven Systems Development

The development and intelligent use of computer models are critical to our aerospace and military customers who must ensure that devices are compatible with harsh operating environments and meet their exacting reliability requirements. More on Model-Driven Systems Development

What We Offer

  • SystemVision is a virtual lab for creating and analyzing analog, digital, mixed-signal, and electromechanical systems.
  • BridgePoint is a complete set of Unified Modeling Language (UML) tools for developing real-time embedded systems.

Electrical and Wire Harness Engineering

We provide our aerospace and military customers with proven tools they need to design their complex electrical systems, control logic, and transmission paths while ensuring safety and reliability. More on Electrical and Wire Harness Engineering

What We Offer

  • Capital is aerospace’s leading software for electrical systems design, systems integration and harness engineering. Its on-demand analysis capability and data-centric, services-oriented backbone integrates the most complex design processes.

Flow Simulation and Thermal Measurement

From external aerodynamics to electronics cooling and thermal characterization, our solutions empower aerospace and defense companies to deliver higher quality products in less time, and for less cost.

Avionic Network Verification

Mentor supports DO-178C certification, compliant with the DO-330 standard, allowing engineers to create and verify entire avionic network designs. More on Avionic Network Verification

What We Offer

  • AeroQ supports DO-178C certification (compliant with the DO-330 standard). It provides automatic verification of network data consistency, protocol standard adherence, and timing performances by comparing the network design description against the network requirements. This cost-efficient automated software tool can be used in any stage of project development.

Safety Critical Design and DO-254 Compliance

Our tools, approaches, and processes help our aerospace and defense customers meet mission-critical quality (DO-254), cost, and safety objectives for their ASIC and FPGA designs – with no compromises in security, reliability, durability, and efficiency. More on Safety Critical Design and DO-254 Compliance

What We Offer

  • ReqTracer traces and manages design requirements from enterprise business infrastructure through implementation.
  • HDL Designer allows engineers to analyze, create, and manage complex ASIC and FPGA designs, including RTL reuse and code quality checking.
  • ModelSim, Questa, and Questa verification tools ensure your device performs its intended function and meets your DO-254 compliance and business goals.
  • Precision Synthesis vendor-independent synthesis tool ensures reliable design operation with safe FSM encoding and efficient design re-use for FPGA devices.
  • Methodology Assessment of your design flow by Mentor experts can move you toward a more efficient design flow with an eye toward DO-254 compliance.
  • Mentor Consulting has extensive experience helping companies create a verification environment that speeds success, reduces risk, and achieves DO-254 compliance.