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Basic Software (BSW)

Mentor Graphics is a premium member of AUTOSAR, the standards organization working to create an open standard for automotive engineering architecture.

  • Sold and supporting of production projects SOP 2009
  • Integration of AUTOSAR Stack for major OEM SOP 2011
  • Reference implementation of LIN 2.0 and parts of FlexRay for AUTOSAR consortium
  • LIN 2.1 reference specification for LIN consortium (+ LIN diagnostics and bootloader). Mentor Graphics is a member of the steering committee for the LIN consortium

The Mentor AUTOSAR BSW Stack

The Mentor Graphics AUTOSAR BSW stack covers the full basic software stack specified by the AUTOSAR consortium. Together with the Mentor Graphics AUTOSAR tools it creates a high-performance production ready solution. In addition to the standard BSW module specified, Mentor Graphics also offers Bootloader, RTE, customized diagnostics and customized Software Components (SWCs).


The Mentor Graphics AUTOSAR BSW stack offers optimized deliveries that are fully module- and integration-tested.

  • Predictable real-time network behavior
  • Premium efficiency (low memory usage, fast execution time, small code size)
  • Variant support (Different variants offered: PostBuild loadable/selectable, Link-time, etc)
  • Easy portability (low cost moving to a new platform)
  • High Quality, all development according to Automotive Spice development praxis

Automotive Solutions and Mentor Tools

System Modeling

Model Driven Architecture (MDA) provides effective, practical reuse of target-independent application models.

Automotive Networking

Networking and data communication solutions for Automotive networking systems.


AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is an open and standardized automotive software architecture, jointly developed by automobile manufacturers, suppliers and tool developers.

Embedded Software

Realize the advantages of in-vehicle infotainment with open source software tools and services.

Mechatronics Simulation

A virtual lab for creating and analyzing analog, digital, and mixed-signal systems.

Electrical Distribution System

Integrated applications and powerful design data management deliver seamless flows.

Flow Simulation & Thermal Measurement

Helping automotive designers analyze performance everywhere on the vehicle, inside and out.