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AUTOSAR Solutions

The emerging AUTOSAR standard for vehicle software design has the potential to deliver new economies and efficiencies to automotive design and manufacturing. A vehicle’s electronic content approaches almost half the cost of the vehicle today, with much of that content running on embedded code. Software will enable differentiation among automobile platforms in the future, and AUTOSAR is poised to take the industry in that direction.

AUTOSAR is designed to bring structure, clean interfaces, and implicit methodologies to a process—in this case, the design of distributed systems within automobiles. AUTOSAR is essentially a set of standards encompassing interfaces and software module definitions. Most importantly, it sets forth a structure for the embedded software that ultimately operates a vehicle’s complex network-based distributed system. Mentor Graphics leads the way in AUTOSAR implementation with the industry’s most comprehensive tool suite of vehicle system design tools—Volcano VSx.

VSx Tools by Mentor Graphics

Volcano VSx is an integrated tool suite for top-down vehicle system and ECU design. VSx covers automotive software and electronic systems design, virtual verification, testing, and configuration. Despite tight integration, each tool can be individually used and supports standard AUTOSAR import/exports.

The Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect is a systems design tool for AUTOSAR-based systems. It enables engineers to design, explore, and compare electronic and SW architectures. Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect

The Volcano VSA COM Designer is a network design tool that enables users to design automotive CAN, LIN and FlexRay networks in keeping with modern systems engineering practices, while managing timing requirements, variants, configurations, and releases. Volcano VSA COM Designer

The Volcano Vehicle Systems Integrator is an AUTOSAR software execution environment designed specifically for the development of vehicular embedded systems. It provides early validation of software functionality on virtual electronic control units (ECUs) on the desktop. Volcano Vehicle Systems Integrator

Volcano VSTAR AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) stack provides a fully AUTOSAR 4.0 compliant and scalable middleware for ECU design, which abstracts the application from the HW-dependent layer. VSTAR software optionally includes complete communication stacks for LIN, CAN, and FlexRay implementations. Volcano VSTAR