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Embedded Software

In-vehicle infotainment (IVI)

Linux-based systems, with their pedigree in both consumer electronics and enterprise networking, are a natural fit for advanced IVI systems. Rather than adding consumer features to a traditional “automotive OS,” OEMS and Tier 1 customers are using Linux to take advantage of a vibrant ecosystem loaded with active communities of world-class developers who have access to pre-existing open source code.

The GENIVI Alliance and companies such as Mentor Graphics have helped OEMS and Tier 1 suppliers make the transition from a proprietary OS system to open source with the benefit of an automotive community, allowing them to focus on the value-added features in their infotainment systems.

Features and Benefits

Meet the expanding needs of consumers

Select from the latest Linux components and packages, HTML5, Qt®, Android™ and a GENIVI™ Compliant Infotainment Solution from Mentor Embedded to deliver your unique car experience.

Address time to market pressures

Focus on system software integration and differentiation by relying on open source experts from Mentor Embedded to update and deliver components, drivers and develop prototypes.

Safely integrate open source software

Ensure your licensing needs are understood and addressed, including upstream changes, by working with Mentor Embedded engineers that hold over 50 leadership positions in the open source community.

Meet your functional and performance requirements

Rely on Linux® experts from Mentor Embedded to update versions, add driver support for missing hardware peripherals and to deliver necessary software to meet the performance needs of your system.

Keep software platform updated

Extend the lifetime of your software investment with patches, updates and security fixes maintained by Mentor Embedded.

Select the right hardware for your system

Use the hardware platform most appropriate for your system and take advantage of a flexible solution from Mentor Embedded that includes support for Freescale® i.MX6, Renesas® R-Car, Intel® Atom, TI® OMAP, and NVIDIA® Tegra.