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DO-254 Glossary of Terms

While not a comprehensive list, what follows are terms you may encounter as you begin to engage in DO-254 projects.

Advisory Circular, such as AC-152 which enforces DO-254 for "custom microcoded devices"
AC 20-152
The Advisory Circular dated 6/30/05 that mandated the use of DO254 on PLD/FPGA/ASIC components.
Aircraft Certification Office, a local office of the FAA that assists with design approval and certificate  management; US production approvals; engineering and analysis questions; investigating and reporting aircraft accidents, incidents, and service difficulties; DER oversight.
AIRcraft certification service. There are various divisions of the FAA, such as AIR 120 and AIR 200, which are all involved in various aspects of aircraft certification.
Acceptable Means of Compliance, for example, code coverage is an AMOC for verification metrics
Aircraft Operators and Pilots Association
Aeronautical Radio Incorporated, a company that is the leading provider of transportation communications and systems engineering solutions for five major industries: aviation, airports, defense, government, and transportation, also synonymous with various ARINC parts such as the ARINC 429, a two-wire data bus that is application-specific for commercial and transport aircraft.
Aerospace Recommended Practice, for example ARP 5754 "Guidance for Development Validation and Verification of Complex Aircraft Systems"
Certification Authorities Software Team, an international group of participants from worldwide aviation certification authorities including the FAA, despite the name this group discusses complex electronic hardware issues also
Complex Electronic Hardware, for the context of DO-254, this means custom microcoded devices (PLD, FPGA, ASIC)
Code of Federal Aviation Regulations
Code of Federal Regulations, such as CFR ยง 183.29, which defines criteria for DERs
Certification Review Item, as per EASA. Pronounced "Kree", these are requirements above and beyond DO-254/ED-80, such as the CRIs for the Airbus 380 or A400M projects