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DO-254 Glossary of Terms

While not a comprehensive list, what follows are terms you may encounter as you begin to engage in DO-254 projects. Visit the FAA website for a complete glossary list.

Hardware Accomplishment Summary. The document submitted at the final audit that reviews what was accomplished in the DO-254 project versus what was stated in the PHAC.
Hardware Development Plan, one of the 5 plans required for DO-254
Hardware Verification Plan, one of the 5 plans required for DO-254
Integrated modular avionics, integrated modular systems, DO-297 deals with this level of design
besides the traditional meaning, can also mean Issue Paper, a paper supplementing an FAA standard to clarify a problem, solution or issue not well-defined within a standard.
Joint Airworthiness Requirements, a set of requirements (EU) that determines airworthiness of an aircraft. For example, large aircraft are subject to JAR 25 certification. See also FAR.
Job Aid
A new tool FAA DERs can use to conduct their DO-254 audits. It's useful for hardware applicants to review this document in preparation for the auditing process.
Joint Planning and Development Office, established to facilitate NextGen (Next Generation Air Transportation System, refers to a wide-ranging initiative to transform the air traffic control system) activities.  JPDO is working with the FAA, NASA, the Departments of Transportation, Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
Level of FAA involvement example LOFI on CEH projects. This is a defined evaluation criteria for establishing how much FAA involvement there should be for a given software program (See Order 8110.49).  There is currently no LOFI determination for CEH/DO-254, this may be part of the draft Order 8110.CEH currently being working on.

DO-254 Enabling Tools


Requirements Capture and Management

Conceptual Design

Detailed Design

Implementation/Production Transition

Verification and Validation