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Implementation and Production Transition for DO-254

Synthesis and place-and-route can be considered either as part of the Detailed Design or Implementation phases of the DO-254 lifecycle. Where your team places them is not nearly as important as ensuring that you run these processes for safe, accurate, repeatable results.

Precision Synthesis

Precision Synthesis ensures that synthesis and subsequent place-and-route design transformations are performed as safely and repeatably as possible. Precision offers a number of unique capabilities to support DO-254 flows, including:

  • Assured synthesis flows, combining safe optimistions and integration with logical equivalency checking (FormalPro) to quickly verify output
  • Automatic traceability of performance-related requirements through the synthesis process
  • Deterministic netlist generation for repeatable results
  • Customizable message handling for smoother reviews and flows
  • FPGA vendor-independence and integrations for driving place-and-route

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Since place-and-route processed are tightly tied to specific silicon packages, they must be run with appropriate FGPA vendors' software tools.

Learn more about Xilinx tools for place-and-route and back-end implementation