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Mentor Graphics DO-254 Partners

DO-254 Services

Patmos Engineering Services

Patmos provides both DO-178B/DO-254 certification services and FPGA/PCG design expertise with DO-254 experience.


Aeroconseil is a leading aeronautical company offering aeronautical engineering and certification services.


Enea offers software (DO-178B/C) and hardware (DO-254) certification and turnkey design services.

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Qualtech offers FAA DER services, including gap analysis, training and certification roadmaps, for DO-178B, DO-278 and DO-254.

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LogiCircuit provides DO-254 design services including design and verification (IP, FPGA, circuit card, entire design) adhering to the DO-254 standard.

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DO-254 Products


Mathworks offers model-based design solutions, supporting both DO-178B and DO-254 flows.


Xilinx offers a comprehensive ecosystem of FPGA platforms, tool flows, and expert design services for the development of DO-254 solutions.


Qualtech offers document templates and web-based compliance management tools to streamline DO-178B, DO-278 and DO-254 compliance.

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DO-254 IP


DMAP offers "DO-254 Ready" IP verified using advanced methods and Mentor Graphics tools.

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DO-254 Enabling Tools


Requirements Capture and Management

Conceptual Design

Detailed Design

Implementation/Production Transition

Verification and Validation