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Netlist Verification/Analysis

This phase of verification usually requires re-simulating the RTL test suite on the netlist with back-annotated timing. Because this process can be quite time-consuming for large, complex devices, sometimes logical equivalency checking (LEC) can be used to augment this approach.

ModelSim or Questa for Netlist Simulation

Depending on your approach for RTL simulation, you can use the same method and test suite for netlist verification, i.e., ModelSim for traditional simulation and Questa for more advanced methods.

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FormalPro for Logical Equivalency Checking

FormalPro uses formal (mathematical) methods to compare one model to another, to determine if they are functionally equivalent. This is especially useful in DO-254 flows to verify that the synthesized (or placed-and-routed) netlist functions the same as the RTL. FormalPro can be used standalone or in a flow integrated with Precision Synthesis.

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