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IC Design, Verification, and Test Products

Digital IC Design

Innovative technologies like comprehensive multi-patterning and FinFET-aware routing create a P&R system that can solve the power, performance, capacity, time-to-market, and variability challenges encountered at leading-edge processes. Integrated Calibre signoff helps designers achieve manufacturing closure during physical design implementation

Custom IC Design

Integrated solutions for design capture, floorplanning, custom routing, polygon editing, physical layout, schematic-driven layout, concurrent editing and chip assembly. Design kits include all the foundry-specific devices and models for use with Pyxis Custom IC Design solutions

Physical Verification

Calibre tools are the industry leaders in physical verification. Using innovative features such as multi-patterning verification, pattern matching, equation-based DRC, and automated waivers processing, designers can accurately and precisely verify the complex physical interactions of leading-edge designs

Circuit Verification

Calibre's circuit verification strategies and tools effectively and efficiently address the reliability and functional yield challenges of today's advanced and complex IC designs, including 3D extraction, ESD protection checks, and multiple power domain checking, while providing best-in-class runtimes

Design for Manufacturing

Calibre DFM tools augment our primary physical verification technology with an expansive set of critical feature/critical area/litho hotspot identification capabilities, as well as automated layout enhancements, smart fill processes for advanced node requirements, and printability and performance validation

Analog/Mixed Signal Verification

Mentor's analog/mixed-signal verification tools offer a language-neutral verification environment for complex analog/mixed-signal SoCs, enabling top-down design and bottom-up verification of multi-million gate AMS SoC designs

Calibre Interfaces

Calibre is the only sign-off verification toolset that is integrated with the full range of design tools used throughout the design flow. Calibre provides robust and extensible interfaces to all major design tools, including custom design, P&R, and a wide range of specialty design tools. These interfaces bring the power of Calibre’s sign-off engines to the designer throughout the design flow, enabling early detection and correction of manufacturing issues

Computational Lithography

The Calibre computational lithography solution provides a complete arsenal of OPC and RET products, with core innovations that ensure image fidelity across multiple process conditions, providing the turnaround time, computational efficiency, and throughput needed to manage the lithographic challenges and computational complexity associated with advanced process nodes

Mask Process Correction

Calibre's complete mask synthesis solution includes tools for mask rule checking and sign-off, fracturing, and data conversion for the leading e-beam mask writing equipment. Innovative correction and modeling capabilities, including both density-based and variable etch bias modeling, improve mask CD linearity and uniformity for advanced nodes

Mask Data Preparation

Calibre MDP products provide direct output for the leading mask writer formats in the sub-wavelength environment, such as MEBES, JEOL, Micronic, and Variable-Shaped-Beam, in addition to standard GDSII.

Test and Yield Analysis

The Tessent product suite combines features of deterministic scan testing, embedded pattern compression, built-in self-test, specialized embedded memory test and repair, and boundary scan, as well as board and system-level test technologies. This comprehensive silicon test and yield analysis solution is built on the foundation of the best-in-class solutions for each test discipline