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Information for Suppliers

Mentor Graphics' values are to win ethically, satisfy our customers, challenge our people, and grow profitably. We cannot achieve these high goals without our suppliers. Regardless of whether your company is small or large, local or global, provides products or services, we need your cooperation and commitment to these same goals.

We prefer to establish long-term relationships with our suppliers. To this end, we must forge an open, fair and honest business association based on a mutual pledge to provide quality services and products.

Mentor Graphics has established the Global Procurement Department to manage our supplier commitments. Our buyers are trained professionals and they are your first point of contact.

Welcome to doing business with Mentor Graphics. Together we can meet the challenges of a very competitive world.

Qualifications / Certification


Before you begin any project, a buyer must issue a purchase order for all goods or services. Suppliers who accept an assignment, begin work, or deliver products without a purchase order do so at their own risk. All subsequent correspondence and invoices must reference that purchase order number.

Our buyers are the only authorized purchasing agents for the company. Purchasing authority rests solely with them.

Supplier Qualification

Mentor Graphics relies heavily on the expertise and abilities of our suppliers to help us succeed. We invest significant effort in the search for qualified and responsive suppliers because we desire long-term partnerships.

If you wish to do business with us, you may need to complete our Supplier Qualification process:

  • Demonstrate financial stability
  • Meet Mentor Graphics' product and service needs
  • Complete a Qualification Questionnaire or other requested documents

Mentor Graphics makes an effort to work with small, small disadvantaged, minority-owned and women-owned business enterprises whenever possible.

Acceptance as a Qualified Supplier does not assure or guarantee quotation opportunities or awards of business.

Background Checks

Mentor Graphics requires background checks on all supplier employees assigned to work at or access (e.g. remote network access) a Mentor Graphics site or a Mentor Graphics customer's site. Background checks are performed in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Suppliers can fulfill this requirement by one of two ways.

  1. Supplier Self Certification.
    Supplier may warrant that it has performed a criminal background check on its employee that meets Mentor Graphics' standards (refer to Supplier Process Guide for minimal requirements) and that the employee has passed such a check. Completed forms must be faxed to 503-685-1543.

    Supplier Self-Check Form

    More Info:
    Supplier Process Guide

  2. Authorize Mentor Graphics to perform check, using our preferred agency.
    If you are a sole proprietor or if you have not performed a background check on your employee, you can request that Mentor Graphics' preferred agency perform the check. Such check will be at Mentor Graphics' expense. Each of your employees assigned to Mentor Graphics must have the check to be performed. Independent Contractors must:
    1. Have the individual send the following information to the Mentor Graphics HR Department at :
      • Individual’s Information
        • First and last name
        • Business mailing address
        • Daytime phone
        • Email address
      • Work Location
        • Country
        • State
      • Mentor Graphics Liaison
        • Name
        • Contact information (Email or phone)
    2. The individual will then receive an email with directions on how to submit his or her information for the background check using the Mentor Graphics background check secure website.
    3. Once the background check is completed, Independent Contractor will be notified of the results and if the individual is not disqualified for assignment, then the appropriate On-site access under Section 6(c) of the Agreement, network access under Section 6(d) of the Agreement, or both, shall be provided to that individual. If the individual is disqualified, then Independent Contractor must contact the appropriate Mentor Graphics buyer to find out if another individual may be proposed for the assignment.

For more information regarding this program, email: or contact your assigned buyer.


Ethics and Gifts

Mentor Graphics does not seek to gain any advantage through the improper use of business favors or gifts. Your company may offer gifts, favors, meals or other entertainment to our employees only if they:

  • Are consistent with customary business practices,
  • Do not exceed $25 in value, and
  • Do not violate applicable law, regulation, or generally accepted ethical standards

Gifts include material goods, services and promotional premiums or discounts on personal purchases of goods or services.