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Travel Policy for Independent Contractors

The purpose of this document is to describe the reimbursement policy for Mentor Graphics Independent Contractors while traveling for Mentor Graphics business purposes. Mentor Graphics will reimburse Independent Contractors for authorized, reasonable, and necessary travel expenses. These expenses must fall within the guidelines below and must be documented as this policy describes.

IRS Information

Mentor Graphics will report all reimbursements of travel and related expenses to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for 1099 recipients. The responsibility for satisfying the IRS that all such expenses are deductible for tax purposes rests with the Independent Contractor.

Documentation required for reimbursement

Requests for reimbursement of expenses incurred on Mentor Graphics' behalf shall be submitted in the Independent Contractor's invoice. All reimbursable expenses must be itemized by category on the applicable invoice.

Independent Contractors must provide copies of receipts for all expenses incurred on Mentor Graphics' behalf. Expenses not supported by copies of receipts will not be reimbursed.

If the Independent Contractor is performing services for which Mentor Graphics has issued a Statement of Work or a Purchase Order with a specific expense limit, it is the responsibility of the Independent Contractor to resolve any discrepancies between the actual expenses and the applicable Statement of Work or Purchase Order with the Mentor Graphics Buyer or Contract Representative.

Expenses not covered

The following expenses are not reimbursable:

  • Airline upgrades
  • Use of personal frequent flyer miles, coupons/vouchers, or airline certificates of any type for airline tickets. MGC will not reimburse for ticket/coupon value.
  • Telephone, including long distance
  • Limousine Services
  • Interest accrued on any personal credit card
  • Speeding or parking tickets incurred while driving a rental or personal car
  • Laundry expenses
  • In-room movies or video rentals
  • Health club or workout room fees

Reservations and Lodging


Independent Contractors MAY make travel arrangements through the Mentor Graphics' designated travel management company, when traveling on Mentor Graphics' behalf. Doing so will ensure Independent Contractors access to Mentor Graphics' specially negotiated air, hotel, and rental car rates where applicable.

Independent Contractors must provide a credit card number for all air travel or lodging expenses booked through the travel department. Direct billing to Mentor Graphics for travel expenses is not permitted.

Travel Department: (503) 685-1579.

Meal Expenses

Lunch expense on one-day trips is not reimbursable. Maximum reimbursements for meals are as follows:

Breakfast $10, Lunch $20, Dinner $30

Hotel Accommodations

Independent Contractors will stay in standard rooms in a safe, comfortable hotel or motel. Reservations, where possible, should be made at Mentor preferred hotels.

  • The Mentor Graphics travel department will secure cost effective and cost appropriate accommodations by using hotels listed in the Mentor Graphics preferred hotel listing.
  • International hotel reservations must be made through Mentor's Travel Agency to secure the most reasonable rates when traveling on Mentor Graphics' behalf.

Rooms will be guaranteed for late arrivals, but it is the responsibility of the Independent Contractor to call either the hotel directly or the travel agency’s 24-hour service number (800) 220-8910 Executive Code: EX27 to cancel a room reservation that will not be used. No-show charges incurred as a result of the Independent Contractor's failure to cancel a room reservation will not be reimbursed.

Long-Term Stay

Corporate housing is available for a minimum of 30 days. If authorized by the Purchase Order, Independent Contractor will bill Mentor Graphics. Please contact for details.

Air Travel and Car Rental

Rental Cars

Car rental may not be the most cost effective form of local transportation, considering rental fees, gas charges, time lost in acquiring and returning the car, difficulty of driving in a strange city, and so on. For short distances within a city, a taxi may be preferable. Taxi fare is a reimbursable expense when it proves to be an economical alternative to a rental car.

Reservations for rental cars shall be made with Mentor Graphics' preferred rental car suppliers. The rates charged to Mentor Graphics by its preferred suppliers are the maximum rates for which Independent Contractors will be reimbursed. No additional mileage charges or insurance coverage will be reimbursed.

The maximum daily rental expense is determined by Mentor Graphics contracted rates for compact cars through the Hertz Corporation.

Independent Contractors shall return the rental car with a full tank of gas. Mentor Graphics will not reimburse Independent Contractors for gasoline purchased from rental agencies.

In the Event of an Accident or Theft of a Rental Car

Contact the local police and file a report. If the police indicate that the accident is not serious enough to warrant their presence, proceed with gathering information from any involved parties. Insurance claims may still be processed if the police are not present to file a report

Air Travel

Independent Contractors will be reimbursed for the cost of lowest available fare for both domestic and international trips. Independent Contractors may upgrade at their own expense or use earned mileage from airline frequent flyer programs.

Independent Contractors will be reimbursed for the lowest fare available. Trips should be planned as far in advance as possible in order to take advantage of discounted fares when available.