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The following are trademarks of Mentor Graphics Corporation:

0-In®, 3D Design ™, ABIST™, Accelerated Technology®, AccuPartGen™, AccuPARTner™, AccuParts™, AccuSim®, ACE™, ADAPTSM, ADEPT™, ADiT™, AFS™, Analog FastSPICE™, AppNotes SM, ARC4, Ares™, Arithmetic BIST™, AutoActive™, AutoCells™, AutoDissolve™, AutoFilter™, AutoLib™, AutoView™, Autowire Station™, A-XGMAC™, BIST-In-PlaceSM, BIST-ReadySM, Board Architect™, Board Designer™, Board Layout™, Board Process Library™, Board Station®, BoardSim®, BOLD Administrator™, BOLD Browser™, BOLD Composer™, BOM Explorer®, Brake to Educate™, BridgePoint™, BSDArchitect™, BSPBuilder™, Cable Analyzer™, Cadra®, Calibre®, Calibre® 3DSTACK, Calibre® AutoFix™, Calibre® Automatic Waivers, Calibre® Auto-Waivers™, Calibre® CB™, Calibre® Cluster Manager, Calibre® Dense RET, Calibre® DESIGNrev™, Calibre® dpOPC, Calibre® DRC-H™, Calibre® DRC™, Calibre® eqDRC™, Calibre® EUV, Calibre® FRACTUREc™, Calibre® FRACTUREh™, Calibre® FRACTUREj™, Calibre® FRACTUREk™, Calibre® FRACTUREm™, Calibre® FRACTUREt™, Calibre® FRACTUREv™, Calibre® ILO, Calibre® InRoute™, Calibre® Interactive™, Calibre® LFD™, Calibre® Litho, Calibre® LITHOview™, Calibre® LVS-H™, Calibre® MASKOPT™, Calibre® MDP, Calibre® MDP Embedded SVRF™, Calibre® MDPmerge™, Calibre® MDPstat™, Calibre® MDPverify™, Calibre® MDPview™, Calibre® Metrology™, Calibre® MGC™, Calibre® MPCpro™, Calibre® MTflex™, Calibre® MT-OPCpro™, Calibre® Multi-Patterning, Calibre® nmBias™, Calibre® nmDP™, Calibre® nmDRC-H™, Calibre® nmDRC™, Calibre® nmLVS™, Calibre® nmMPC™, Calibre® nmOPC™, Calibre® nmOPC™ DDL, Calibre® nmSRAF™, Calibre® OPC, Calibre® OPCpro™, Calibre® OPCsbar™, Calibre® OPCverify™, Calibre® ORC™, Calibre® Pattern Matching, Calibre® PERC™, Calibre® PIXbar™, Calibre® PRINTimage™, Calibre® PSMcheck, Calibre® PSMgate™, Calibre® pxOPC™, Calibre® QDB-H™, Calibre® RealTime, Calibre® RVE™, Calibre® TDopc™, Calibre® Verification Center™, Calibre® WORKbench™, Calibre® xACT™, Calibre® xACT™ SOC, Calibre® xL, Calibre® xRC™, CAMCAD™, CAMCAD™ Graphic, CAMCAD™ PCB Translator, CAMCAD™ Professional, CAMCAD™ Vision, Capital®, Capital® Analysis™, Capital® Archive™, Capital® Bridges™, Capital® Documents™, Capital® Harness Systems™, Capital® Harness™, Capital® Insight™, Capital® Integration™, Capital® Integrator™, Capital® Logic™, Capital® Manager™, Capital® Manufacture™, Capital® Support™, Capital® Systems™, Catapult®, Celaro™, Certe™, Chameleon ART™, ChaseX™, Codelink®, Codelink® CVE™, Codelink® HVE™, Codelink® Inspector™, Codelink® Tracer™, Concurrent Board ProcessSM, Concurrent Design Environment™, Connected Engineering™, Constraint Editor System™, Continuum Power Analyst™, Continuum™, Co-Verification Environment™, Cre8Ventures®, CTIntegrator™, DataFusion™, Datapath™, dBUG™, DC Analyzer™, Debug Detective™, DeltaV™, Design Architect®, Design Architect® Elite™, Design Architect®-IC™, Design Capture™, Design Manager™, Design Station™, DesignAnalyst™, Designer Footprint Generator™, Designer Layout™, Designer Schematic™, Designer Symbol Generator™, DesktopASIC™, DFTAdvisor™, DMS Xchange™, DMS™, DSS (Decision Support System)™, DxDataBook™, DxDataManager™, DxDesigner®, DxParts™, DxPDF™, DxSim™, DxVariantManager™, EDA Tech Forum®, EDGE™, EDGE™ Debugger, EDGE™ Profiler, EDT™, Eldo®, EldoNet™, ElectronicsCooling®, Enterprise Librarian™, ePartners™, ePlanner™, eProduct Designer™, EProduct Services™, esight™, ESim™, Expedition®, Expedition® Path Finder, EZwave™, FabLink™, FastEM™, FastEye™, FastScan™, FlexTest™, FloEFD™, FloEFD™ Mechanica Bridge, FloEFD™ Patran Bridge, FloEFD™ Pro, FloEFD™ V5, FloMCAD™ Bridge CATIA V5 Reader, FloTHERM®, FloTHERM® IC, FloTHERM® PACK, FloTHERM® PCB, FloVENT®, FloVIZ™, Flowmaster®, FormalPro™, FPGA Advantage®, FPGA BoardLink™, FPGA Xchange™, FrameConnect™, Galileo™, HDL Author™, HDL Designer Series™, HDL Designer™, HDL Detective™, HDL Link™, Hierarchial Injection™, HotPlot®, Hybrid Designer™, Hybrid Station®, HyperLynx®, HyperSuite™, I/O Designer™, IB™, IC Station®, IC Station® Layout™, IC Studio™, ICanalyst™, ICbasic™, ICblocks™, ICcheck™, ICcompact™, ICdevice™, ICextract™, ICGen™, ICgraph™, ICLink™, IClister™, ICplan™, ICRT Controller Lcompiler™, ICrules™, ICtrace™, ICverify™, ICX®, ICX® Pro™, ICX® Tau®, Inexia™, inFact™, Inflexion® UI, Innoveda™, Interactive LAYOUT™, Interconnect Table™, Interface-Based Design™, IntraStepSM, Inventra IPX™, Inventra Soft Cores™, Inventra™, IP Engine™, IP Evaluation Kit™, IP Factory™, IP QuickUse™, IP-PCB™, IPSim™, IS_Analyzer™, IS_Floorplanner™, IS_MultiBoard™, IS_Optimizer™, IS_Synthesizer™, ISD CreationSM, iSolve™, JobSpy™, Knowledge CenterSM, Knowledge-SourcingSM, Language Neutral Licensing™, Latium™, LAYOUT™, LBISTArchitect™, LBIST™, Leaf Cell Toolkit™, LED Layout™, Led™, Leonardo®, LeonardoInsight™, LeonardoSpectrum™, Librarian™, Library Builder™, Library Manager™, LineSim®, LNL™, Logic Analyzer on a Chip™, Logic Builder™, Logical Cable™, LogicLib™, logio™, Lsim DSM™, Lsim Gate™, Lsim Power Analyst™, Lsim Review™, Lsim Switch™, Lsim XL™, LsimNet™, Lsim™, Mach PA™, Mach TA™, MAJIC®, ManufactureView™, Manufacturing Advisor™, Manufacturing Cable™, MaskCompose™, MBISTArchitect™, MBIST™, MCM Designer™, MCM Station™, MCPIExp™, MDV™, MegaMacro®, Mentor Graphics®, Mentor Graphics® SupportNetSM, Mentor®, Mentor® Embedded, Mentor® Embedded IVI Base Platform, Mentor® Embedded ReadyStart™, Mentor® Embedded Sourcery™ Analyzer, Mentor® Visualizer™ Debug Environment, Micred®, MicroRoute™, Mixed-Signal Pro™, Model Technology™, ModelEditor™, ModelSim®, ModelSim® LN™, ModelSim® SE™, ModelSim® VHDL™, ModelSim® VLOG™, ModelStation™, ModelViewerPlus™, ModelViewer™, MODGEN™, Monet™, MS Analyzer™, MS Architect™, MS-Express™, MSIMON™, Mslab™, Msview™, MTPISM, Nanokernal™, NetCheck™, NETED™, Nucleus®, Nucleus® EDGE™, Oasys RealTime Designer™, Oasys RealTime Explorer™, Oasys RealTime Floorplan Compiler™, Oasys RealTime Parallel EC™, Olympus-SoC™, Omninet™ Version 6.0, Online Knowledge CenterSM, OpenDoor®, Opsim™, OptiMax™ Protect, PACKAGE™, PADS®, PartQuest™, Parts SpeciaList™, PCB IGES™, PCB Mechanical Interface™, PCB-Generator™, PCB-Gen™, PDLSim™, PE-GMAC®, PE-MAC™, Personal Learing Program™, PERSPECTA™, PexRC™, Physical Cable™, Physical Test Manager:SITE™, Pinnacle®, PLA Lcompiler™, Platform Express™, Power Analyst™, PowerPCB®, Precision®, Pre-Silicon™, ProjectXpert™, PX™, Pyxis™, QDS™, QNet™, QualityIBIS™, Questa®, Questa® ADMS™, QuickCheck™, QuickConnect™, QuickFault™, QuickGrade™, QuickHDL Express™, QuickHDL Pro™, QuickHDL™, QuickPart Builder™, QuickPart Tables™, QuickParts™, QuickSim™, QuickStart™, QuickUse Development System™, QuickUse™, QuickVHDL™, Quiet™, Quiet™ Expert, RAM Lcompiler™, RC-Delay™, RC-Reduction™, RealParts™ 1.0, Registrar™, Renoir™, ReqTracer™, RF Architect™, RF Gateway™, RISE™, ROM Lcompiler™, RSI™ Exchange 6.0, RTL X-Press™, Satellite PCB Station™, Scalable Verification™, ScaleableModels™, Scan-Sequential™, SCAP™, Scepter DFF™, Scepter™, Schematic View Compiler, SVC™, SDF (Software Data Formatter)™, Seamless®, Seamless® C-Bridge™, Seamless® Co-Designer™, Seamless® CVE™, Seamless® Express™, Selective Promotion™, Signal Spy™, Signal Vision™, SignaMask OPC™, Signature Synthesis™, SimPilot™, Simulation Manager™, SimView™, SmartMask™, SmartParts™, SmartRouter™, SmartScripts™, Smartshape™, SneakPath Analyzer™, SNX™, SOS Initiative™, Source Explorer™, Sourcery™ Analyzer, Sourcery™ CodeBench, Spectra™, SpeedSelect™, SpeedWave™, SpiceNet™, SST Velocity®, Standard Power Model Format (SPMF)™, StorSelect™, Structure Recovery™, Super IC Station™, Supermax ECAD®, SupportNet KnowledgeBaseSM, Symbolscript™, SYMED™, SymGen™, SynthesisWizard™, System Architect™, System Modeling Blocks™, System Simulink™, Systems on Board Initiative™, SystemVision®, SystemVision® ConneXion™, T3Ster®, T3Ster® DynTIM Tester™, T3Ster® TeraLED®, Target Manager™, Tau®, TeamPCB™, TECH DESIGN FORUM®, TechNotes™, TeraCell™, TERALED®, TeraPlace-GF™, TeraPlace™, Tessent® BoundaryScan, Tessent® BoundaryScan - AC, Tessent® Diagnosis, Tessent® FastScan™, Tessent® FastScan™ MacroTest, Tessent® IJTAG, Tessent® LogicBIST, Tessent® MemoryBIST, Tessent® MemoryBIST Field Programmable, Tessent® MemoryBIST Repair, Tessent® PLLTest, Tessent® SerdesTest, Tessent® SiliconInsight®, Tessent® SiliconInsight® Logic (ATE), Tessent® SiliconInsight® Logic (desktop), Tessent® SiliconInsight® Memory (ATE), Tessent® SiliconInsight® Memory (desktop), Tessent® SiliconInsight® MixedSignal (ATE), Tessent® SiliconInsight® MixedSignal (desktop), Tessent® SoCScan, Tessent® TestKompress®, Tessent® YieldInsight®, TestKompress®, Time-it™, Timing Builder™, TNX™, Transcable™, TransDesign™, TrueTiming™, User2User™, Utopia™, Valor® BI, Valor® DataPrep Solo™ OEM Data Preparation, Valor® Line Executive, Valor® MSS, Valor® MSS Asset Utilization, Valor® MSS Business Intelligence, Valor® MSS Foundation, Valor® MSS Material Management, Valor® MSS Material Traceability, Valor® MSS Process Preparation, Valor® MSS Production Planning, Valor® MSS Quality Management, Valor® MSS Verification, Valor® NPI, Valor® OI, Valor® Parts Library, V-CPU™ Base, Veloce®, Veribest™, VeSys®, V-Express™, VHDLnet™, VHDLwrite™, ViewDraw™, ViewLogic™, ViewSim™, ViewWare™, Virtual Library™, Virtual Target™, VirtuaLogic™, VirtualWires®, visECAD® 1.4, visEDOCS™, Vista™, VisualElite™, Vlog™, V-Net™, Volcano LNA™, Volcano LTP™, Volcano VNA™, Volcano VTP™, Volcano™, Voyager®, vPLan™, VR-ProcessSM, VStation®, VStation-30M™, vSure™, vSure™, Waveform DataPort™, We Make TMN Easy™, WorkXpert™, xCalibrate™, Xconfig™, XlibCreator™, XML2AXEL™, Xpert API™, Xpert Dialogs™, Xpert Profiler™, XpertBuilder™, Xpert™, XRobust™, XSH™, XTK™, Xtrace Daemon™, Xtrace Protocol™, Xtrace®, Xtreme Design Client™, Xtreme Design Session™, XtremePCB™, Yield Enhancement Services™, Zeelan™, Zero Tolerance Verification™, ZLibs™

The following are service marks of Mentor Graphics Corporation:

A World of Learning, ADAPT, AppNotes, Assess2000, BIST Compiler, BIST-In-Place, BIST-Ready, Concurrent Board Process, DirectConnect, ECO Immunity, EDGE (Engineering Design Guide for Excellence), Expert2000, FastTrack Consulting, IntraStep, ISD Creation, It's More than Just Tools, Knowledge Center, Knowledge-Sourcing, Mentor Graphics Support CD, Mentor Graphics SupportBulletin, Mentor Graphics SupportCenter, Mentor Graphics SupportFax, Mentor Graphics SupportNet-Email, Mentor Graphics SupportNet-FTP, Mentor Graphics SupportNet-Telnet, Mentor Graphics We Mean Business, MTPI, Online Knowledge Center, Reinstatement 2000, SiteLine2000, SupportNet KnowlegeBase, Support Services BaseLine, Support Services ClassLine, Support Services Latitudes, Support Services OpenLine, Support Services PrivateLine, Support Services SiteLine, Support Services TechLine, Support Services RemoteLine, and VR-Process.

Mentor Graphics' trademarks may only be used with express written permission from Mentor Graphics. Fair use of Mentor Graphics' trademarks in advertising and promotion of Mentor Graphics products requires proper acknowledgement.

Mentor sometimes refers to products by using trademarks ("Marks") owned by a third-party and such use is not an attempt to indicate Mentor Graphics as a source of that product, but is intended to indicate a product from, or associated with, a respective third party. Use of third-party Marks is intended to inure to the benefit of the respective third-party. Some of these marks are listed below:

PCI Express