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Analog Designer Analog Simulation

Course Categories: Expedition

This course covers the most important aspects of setting up the Analog Designer tool. It covers setting pointers to models libraries as well as how to…View Course

06/12/14 Hsinchu City, Taiwan
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Basic Knowledge of Electronics Cooling

Course Categories: FloEFD, FloTHERM, FloVENT

This course provides an introduction to electronics cooling. View Course

11/25/14 Stuttgart, Germany
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Board Station XE

Course Categories: Board Station

The Board Station XE course will help you understand how all the tools within the flow interface. In addition, you also learn each tool within the flo…View Course

05/05/14 Meudon, France
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CES for Expedition PCB

Course Categories: Expedition

This Course covers all the necessary skills required to use CES efficiently and effectively in DxDesigner-Expedition flow. View Course

05/06/14 Online
05/15/14 Longmont, CO
05/15/14 Munich, Germany
And 19 other dates/locations

Calibre Advanced Topics: Double Patterning

Course Categories: Calibre

Starting with the 20nm processing node, the use of two masks to print a single layer becomes a requirement because of lithography issues. This course …View Course

08/25/14 Online
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Calibre Advanced Topics: Mastering Calibre eqDRC

Course Categories: Calibre

Calibre® eqDRC represents an important breakthrough in physical verification, making it possible for anyone performing design rule and LVS checks to t…View Course

05/07/14 Singapore, Singapore
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Calibre Advanced Topics: Writing PERC Rules

Course Categories: Calibre

This course will help you understand the wide breadth of problem areas addressed by Calibre PERC, including ESD, advanced ERC, multiple power domains,…View Course

04/29/14 San Diego, CA
06/09/14 Hsinchu City, Taiwan
07/23/14 Singapore, Singapore
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Calibre Advanced Topics: nmLVS Debug Case Studies

Course Categories: Calibre

Layout Versus Schematic (LVS) verification has always played a critical role in the IC design process. Calibre nmLVS continues to be the pre-eminent t…View Course

05/12/14 Online
08/21/14 Singapore, Singapore
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Calibre DESIGNrev Scripting

Course Categories: Calibre

This class teaches students how to create custom Calibre DRV scripts and batch files that can be used to analyze and manipulate layout data. This clas…View Course

06/05/14 Hsinchu City, Taiwan
07/07/14 Online
07/21/14 Singapore, Singapore
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Calibre Fundamentals: Performing DRC/LVS

Course Categories: Calibre

Learn how to leverage the full power of Calibre nmDRC and Calibre nmLVS by attending the ‘Calibre Fundamentals: Performing DRC/LVS’ course. This cours…View Course

05/12/14 Shanghai, China
05/15/14 Beijing, China
05/21/14 Hsinchu City, Taiwan
And 5 other dates/locations

Calibre Fundamentals: Writing DRC/LVS Rules

Course Categories: Calibre

This course will teach you to effectively write and maintain Calibre nmDRC and nmLVS rule decks for your semiconductor processes. In this class, you w…View Course

06/10/14 Bangalore, India
06/17/14 Fremont, CA
06/24/14 Singapore, Singapore
And 4 other dates/locations