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Using Calibre nmLVS

Course Categories: Calibre

This course will teach you to effectively use Calibre nmLVS software in your layout verification flow and will empower you to analyze LVS results succ…View Course

Classes available on demand.
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Valor NPI Introduction

Course Categories: Expedition/Xpedition, Valor

This course covers the Valor NPI operations for incorporating Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis into your PCB design process. At the conclusion …View Course

01/05/15 Live online
02/03/15 Meudon, France
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Xpedition xPCB Layout Introduction

Course Categories: Expedition/Xpedition

Xpedition® xPCB Layout Introduction presents the workflow and methods of laying out a printed circuit board using the latest version of Mentor Graphic…View Course

01/19/15 Longmont, CO
01/26/15 Munich, Germany
01/27/15 Newbury, United Kingdom
And 14 other dates/locations

xDX Designer for PADS Flow

Course Categories: PADS

The xDX Designer for PADS Flow course will improve your knowledge and skills with Design Definition solutions. View Course

12/01/14 Live online
01/19/15 Longmont, CO
02/17/15 Fremont, CA
And 7 other dates/locations

xDX Designer for xPCB Layout Flow

Course Categories: Expedition/Xpedition

The xDX Designer for xPCB Layout Flow class helps you gain proficiency in project management, schematic capture, part selection, and much more. You wi…View Course

01/05/15 Longmont, CO
01/12/15 Munich, Germany
01/20/15 Meudon, France
And 14 other dates/locations

xPCB Layout Flow: Automation and Scripting

Course Categories: Expedition/Xpedition

The xPCB® Layout Flow: Automation and Scripting course will help you understand how you can customize the PCB flow tools—xDX Designer® and x…View Course

11/24/14 Herzliya, Israel
02/04/15 Munich, Germany
02/10/15 Meudon, France
And 2 other dates/locations