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Advanced Knowledge of Electronics Cooling

Categories: FloEFD, FloTHERM, FloVENT

This course uses intensive mathematics to extend the physical understanding of thermal behavior. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

Discretisation methods build the bridge between physical differential equations and numerics, applied to heat transfer and friction in moving fluids. Interface materials and measurement methods for temperature and flow are discussed. Rough calculations for PCB’s with component and heatsink are performed and compared with simulation results. The capabilities of simulation are shown and explaind in detail.

Key topics

(FloTHERM Presentation with modeling capabilities)

  • Discretisation method
    • From the energy balance to the differential Equation
  • Heat Transfer and Friction in Moving Fluids (differential Equations)
  • Interface Materials
    • Gap Pads
  • Measurement methods for temperature and flow
  • Integration of Simulation and Measurement into the Development Process
  • Cooling and EMC
  • Structure and Analysis of a Electronic box (Schroff)
  • Rough Calculations
  • Comparison between Rough Calculations and Simulation results
  • Questions and Answers

Course Information


Requires knowledge of the physics of heat transfer.

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 241328
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