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Categories: Board Station

During this course you will acquire the skills needed to customize Falcon Framework based applications (Board Station, Design Architect, IC Station) and efficiently utilize them according to your specific company needs and requirements. Under the guidance of our industry expert instructors, create new functions and tools for use in your applications thereby automating time consuming and repetitive manual tasks. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

You will learn how to

  • Modify or create new menus for each applications
  • Modify or create new dialog Boxes for each application
  • Modify or create new prompt bars for each application
  • Modify or create new startup files for each application
  • Modify or create new custom userware for each application
  • Modify or create new functions for each scope of your application
  • Modify or create new key and stroke definitions for each scope of your application

Hands-on labs

  • Create and debug functions.
  • Create dialog boxes that use a variety of sites like switch sites, repeat sites, action sites.
  • Create prompt bars that contain options, box or dynamic list box.
  • Making font changes to existing prompt bars.
  • Create functions that read or write ASCII or binary files.
  • Create new menus.
  • Modify existing menus.
  • Create (define) hot-keys that perform specific tasks.
  • Create (define) strokes that perform specific tasks.
  • Create commands and/or aliases that execute specific functions.
  • Create startup files that customize your application on tool invokation.
  • Organize userware and set AMPLE_PATH variable for automatic and efficient loading of your Ample userware.

Key topics

  • AMPLE Syntax
  • Control Flow
  • Functions
  • Dialog Box Editor
  • Debugging Userware
  • Input and Output Control
  • Transcripts
  • Commands
  • Keys and Strokes
  • Menus
  • Startup Files
  • AMPLE Userware Organization

Course Information

Intended for

All engineers and designers using Falcon Framework applications.

CAD engineers and managers who would like to customize and/or integrate Mentor Graphics tools into their design flow.

Members of CAD support groups who are responsible for increased productivity of the entire design engineering teams.

Librarians responsible for creating library menus and other related functions.


Familiarity with the Falcon Framework

Experience with a high level language

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 040497

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