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Board Station XE

Categories: Board Station

The Board Station XE course will help you understand how all the tools within the flow interface. In addition, you also learn each tool within the flow by performing tasks involved in the PCB design process. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

You will learn how to

  • Convert an existing design to a Board Station XE design
  • Validate existing libraries for board Station XE use
  • Forward-annotate and back-annotate changes
  • Navigate in Board Station XE user interface
  • Define mechanical and high-speed routing constraints in CES
  • Set up placement and routing parameters
  • Place parts on the design using all available techniques
  • Route the design both manually and automatically
  • Generate both positive and negative planes for the design
  • Verify placement and routing using interactive and batch DRC
  • Change reference designators
  • Import geometries using Geometry Wizard
  • Create panels in FabLink XE Pro
  • Add dimensions in different modes
  • Perform Design for Fabrication (DFF) batch analysis
  • Create Gerber data
  • Create manufacturing drawings
  • Generate PDF documents of the drawings

Hands-On Labs

  • You learn how to explore for pertinent tools for the Board Station XE flow and use the help system.
  • You learn how to validate libraries and convert the design to Board Station XE design.
  • You learn how to customize display of the design and invoke commands using all available methods
  • You place parts by cross-probing schematic, copying circuit from a different design, and all other available methods.
  • You learn how to set up mechanical and high-speed routing constraints within Constraint Editing System (CES).
  • You learn how to fanout, route interactively and automatically, and tune delays.
  • You learn how to create split planes, area-fills, and generate plane data.
  • You learn how to use both online and batch design rule checks to look for hazards in the design.
  • You learn how to change reference designators, create mounting holes, and add mounting holes to the board
  • You run batch DFF to verify all manufacturing requirements.
  • You generate silkscreen and Gerber data.
  • You create manufacturing drawings and generate PDF documents of them.

Key Topics

  • Intro to Board Station XE
  • Adopting the XE Flow
  • Introduction to Board Station XE User Interface
  • Placing Parts
  • Constraints in CES
  • Routing
  • Planes
  • Layout Verification
  • Manufacturing Preparation
  • Manufacturing Verification
  • Manufacturing Output
  • Manufacturing Drawings

Course Information


Familiarity with the classic Board Station flow tools such as Design Architect, Librarian, Package, and Layout.

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 232844

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