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Calibre RET/OPC Basics

Categories: Calibre

The Calibre® RET/OPC Basics course will help you understand and maintain Calibre rule decks for RET/OPC applications using Calibre’s Standard Verification Rule Format (SVRF) language and the Tcl programming language. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

The lecture modules will guide you through the various concepts underlying state-of-the-art RET/OPC techniques and specific aspects of the Calibre toolset. Hands-on lab exercises will reinforce lecture topics and provide you with rule writing experience under the guidance of our industry expert instructors.

You will learn how to

  • Use Calibre nmBIAS for rule-based retargeting
  • Use Calibre nmSRAFTM to insert sub-resolution assist features (SRAFs) into a design
  • Use Calibre PIXbar to automatically generate SRAFs
  • Modify SRAF generation using various options
  • Find and correct SRAF conflicts with Mask Rule Constraints (MRCs)
  • Create Calibre nmOPCTM setup files
  • Specify various nmOPC options and simulation settings
  • Control fragmentation options
  • Manage OPC correction and convergence
  • Write simple nmOPC TCL scripts
  • Apply Calibre Process Window OPC (PWOPC) to meet the challenges of the real world lithography process
  • Use Calibre SRAF Print Avoidance (SPA) to detect and prevent sub-resolution assist features (SRAFs) from printing
  • Integrate OPCverifyTM into the post-tapeout flow
  • Write and execute simple OPCverify rule decks
  • Generate a basic OPCverify setup file for layer verification
  • Perform process window verification in both production and recipe development flows
  • Use limiting code in OPCverify to reduce error output
  • Analyze OPCverify tabular property data with the Calibre RVE GUI

Hands-on labs

  • Running Calibre nmBIAS in rule mode and table mode
  • Using LFT for nmSRAF template setup
  • Generating SRAFs with Calibre PIXbar
  • Using RectCorner and RectEdge with SRAF templates
  • Using various SRAF options
  • Modifying the minfeaturespace value specified in the setup file in order to get the rectCorner template to resolve
  • Reviewing a Calibre nmOPC setup file
  • Exploring the impact of corner_control values on fragment sizes
  • Examining the impact of scale factor on EPE
  • Writing an nmOPC script
  • Experimenting with tolerance settings
  • Changing model thresholds to determine the impact on SRAF printing errors
  • Checking line end EPE
  • Finding pinching and bridging areas
  • Executing contact coverage and alignment checks
  • Generating PV bands
  • Examining the portions of the rule file that control MEEF, NILS, and DOF checks
  • Working with the error centric flow


Course Information

Intended for

IC engineers responsible for final mask processing prior to fabrication

CAD engineers who support mask preparation

IC lithographers who will be using Calibre to improve mask quality


Thorough knowledge of IC layout techniques and procedures

Basic understanding of IC lithography

Some experience with Calibre SVRF and Tcl

Experience with an IC layout editing tool

Familiarity with Unix/Linux

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 253828
  • Live online: 253829

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