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Design Architect/Library Management System

Categories: Board Station

The Design Architect/Library Management System suite of tools provides the logic engineer with the most advanced technology available for schematic capture and hierarchical design. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

You will examine every step of the schematic and library process in lectures; including hierarchical schematic capture, symbol creation, library structure and design viewpoint generation as well as library data management. You will learn the use of the "To_Layout" utility, which provides an automated process for packaging schematic designs for board layout. Lab exercises are designed to give you hands-on experience and reinforce the design process steps covered in the lecture.

You will learn how to

  • Create and edit a schematic for a hierarchical design using the DA_LMS Parts selector to select parts from LMS libraries
  • Create and edit component symbols
  • Create and edit properties on a symbol and schematic
  • View a sheet within the context of a design
  • Build shopping lists and replacement list of LMS parts
  • Update and replace parts in your design
  • Query catalog files for usable parts
  • Successfully check and save a schematic design
  • Package schematic design using the To_Layout utility

Hands-On Labs

  • Design Architect within the Framework environment
  • Creating a schematic symbol and adding properties
  • Creating a hierarchical schematic using the LMS tools
  • Creating functional blocks
  • Explore DA_LMS features
  • Advanced schematic editing techniques
  • Update and replace components in your design
  • Generating and understanding component interfaces and registration
  • Packaging designs with To_Layout
  • Creating design viewpoints and back annotation viewpoints
  • Use Design Manager to release designs

Key Topics

  • The Falcon Framework
  • Common user interface
  • On-line documentation
  • LMS terminology
  • Creating a schematic
  • Adding library parts
  • Connecting parts
  • Selection concepts
  • Naming objects
  • Checking and saving the design
  • Creating a symbol
  • Adding properties
  • Creating a bus
  • Understanding the relationship between symbols and parts
  • Design hierarchy and functional blocks
  • Updating and replacing instances
  • Design viewpoints
  • Back annotations
  • Applying viewpoints to schematics
  • Component interfaces
  • Creating more than one symbol or schematic
  • Invoking to_layout
  • Configuring to_layout
  • Managing design data
  • Releasing a design

Course Information

Intended for

Engineering team members involved in PCB electronic design creation


Familiarity with supported workstation environments using Unix sys V and Windows XP operating systems

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 052034