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Design Capture to Expedition PCB Process

Categories: Expedition/Xpedition

This course will help you understand how Design Capture fits into the overall process, which includes library management, schematic Capture, and PCB layout. View course details ↓

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Course Overview

In order to use the Design Capture software to its full potential, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the process for getting information from the Central Library to the Design Capture schematic, from the Design Capture schematic to the Expedition PCB layout, and from the layout back to the schematic.

You will learn how to

  • Set up and use "Seed Jobs"
  • Effectively prepare for starting a new project
  • Use the Library Manager to create Symbols and "Parts" for use in Design Capture schematics
  • Build information into the schematic design that will help influence how parts will be placed in the layout
  • Edit routing constraints using the Constraint Editor System (CES) to manage signal integrity in the Expedition PCB Layout tool
  • Create a new Expedition PCB job
  • Use the forward annotation and back annotation features of the software to keep the schematic design and the PCB layout in sync
  • Handle Engineering Change Orders (the ECO process)

Hands-on labs

  • Creating a Seed Project
  • Copying the Seed to start a new design project
  • Creating Symbol and Part Database definitions in a Central Library
  • Creating an hierarchical design to be used as the front end for an Expedition PCB job
  • Using the Constraint Editor System (CES) to set up routing constraints
  • Forward annotating schematic designs to Expedition PCB databases
  • Back annotating changes from Expedition PCB to the schematic file
  • Executing Engineering Change Orders

Course Information


The "Design Capture for Expedition PCB Layout" class or experience using the Design Capture software

Understanding of PCB layout terms and practices

Familiarity with Windows operating systems

Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 209521
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