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DMS Administrator for Dx/EE Flow Environment

Categories: Expedition/Xpedition

This course will give you the knowledge necessary to install, configure and migrate a DMS environment, database and supporting 3rd-party software. View course details ↓


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Date Time Language Price
Apr 13–172015 6–11 AM
English 2,100 USD Register

Course Highlights


Learn how to install and configure DMS, as well as how to support your typical end-users of DMS in learning some of the basics of how they will use the tools day in and day out.

The presentations will be broken up into digestible modules that will permit pausing at any time in order to move to a copy of the customer’s DMS database to further illustrate the topic at hand.

You will learn how to

  • What DMS is and how it works to bring data to multiple disciplines who touch design data.
  • How to install DMS and the underlying/supporting database and webserver software.
  • The basics of accessing & navigating DMS and granting access & rights to other users.
  • The relationships between different modules in DMS and how to manipulate the data model.
  • How to import/export data and entire DMS databases.
  • A basic+ understanding of the DMS Librarian’s responsibilities to better support further configuration and downstream processes of DMS
  • A basic+ understanding of the DMS Designer’s use of DMS with Dx/Exp in order to augment the related modules in DMS to optimally integrate with the CAD tools
  • Advanced connection capabilities through internal firewalls and/or LDAP authentication

Course Information

Prerequisites None
Course Part Number
  • Classroom: 259463
  • Live online: 259464
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