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xDx Designer for Design Capture Users

Categories: DxDesigner/xDX Designer

This course will help you to improve your knowledge and skills with Design Definition solutions. View course details ↓

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Course Highlights

The xDx Designer for Design Capture Users course will help you gain the ability to create schematic designs using the xDx Designer software. This course covers all the necessary skills required to use xDx Designer efficiently and effectively and includes comparisons and contrasts between Design Capture and xDx Designer. The class is specifically designed to assist schematic designers who have had experience using Design Capture to transition to xDx Designer. Hands-on lab exercises reinforce lecture and discussion topics under the guidance of instructors who are expert in using both schematic software products. This course is offered on the Windows platform.

You will learn how to

  • Create a xDx Designer project and manipulate project settings in the xDx Designer flow
  • Create both flat and hierarchical schematic designs
  • Back up individual sheets of a schematic
  • Back up a project
  • Effectively use the DxDataBook tool to place parts three different ways including using the parametric search tool
  • Place special components
  • Add and name wires and buses
  • Use various verification tools including the electrical rules checking and DxDataBook verification
  • Use the Packager in a xDx Designer schematic and explore forward and back annotation tasks in the xDx Designer flow
  • Use CES to set up selected placement and routing constraints
  • Document the design by generating a Bill of Materials, netist, cross reference text, DxPDF, and a design archive file
  • Migrate a Design Capture project and library to xDx Designer

Hands-on labs

Throughout this course, extensive hands-on lab exercises provide you with practical experience using xDx Designer software. Hands-on lab topics include:

  • Creating a new project and schematic files
  • Generate a flat schematic design
  • Create a hierarchical design using both top-down and bottom-up techniques
  • Take advantage of design reuse
  • Place special components including ports and links
  • Use verification tools to ensure the schematic design is correct and valid
  • Package the schematic design, forward annotate to Expedition PCB and back annotate changes from Expedition
  • Use CES to wet up routing constraints for the schematic design
  • Document the design using various output commands
  • Practice Migrating a Design Capture Library and Schematic project to xDx Designer 
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